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Wolves 2 - Watford 2 a full blooded contest verdict thread

Parkins left foot

'Quirk's Gay Game Winner'
May 11, 2012
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A really good contest - probably should have won that on the performance given.

Losing Sako to a cheated red by Forestieri is not great, but proud of the way we took the game to them
Would've taken a draw before the game but quite disappointed now.

Hopefully we can get the Sako red rescinded.
We needed all three points. To throw away a lead, twice, shows we're not good enough. Why Doyle came on instead of Dicko is a mystery. Disappointed!
Sounded a decent game, and a handy point. With Ipswich and Brentford drawing, we're still in touch.
If Sako's Red was indeed down to cheating fakery, it'll be rescinded and we'll still have him for the upcoming games.
I can't wait for the summer when Doyle's contract expires, if only so we can stop talking about the useless waster.

Leaving Nouha on the bench and bringing him on was madness.
Shouldn't we wait to see if The Bear opens a verdict thread? ;)
From commentary sounded like Forestieri fouled Sako then put his hands up towards Sako's face - really not sure what Sako did to get a straight red rather than the yellow that Forestieri got apart frm the fact that Forestieri fell to the floor as if shot
Big winners this weekend were Norwich and Bournemouth but other results have meant we are no worse off than we were before today. Good game and tidy performance by the sounds of things and the red sounds dubious. Will watch the football show tonight very closely.Taken 4 points off them this season so that cant be bad.7 from 10 and we will be there.
Tight at the top now with only 1 point covering 5 teams - nerves may well kick in for them - we have nothing to lose from where we are as finishing 10th or 7th makes no real difference, just go for it
Looking forward to the verdicts.

Sounds like we've gone toe-to-toe with one the most potent attacks in the division and a team who'd only been beaten once in the last 6 or 7, I think? Makes me optimistic for the remainder of the season as there will be easier games and plenty of points to be grabbed if we can keep that kinda level up.

Surprised to hear about Doyle coming on instead of Dicko, but chuffed for Price. First career goal!
It will be interesting to hear what contribution Doyle made.
If KJ wanted an attacker he had Dicko on the bench, if he wanted a 'number 10' he had Edwards, so its difficult to follow the thinking process.
Just got back to the car. The lad who fell over clutching his face when Sako gave him a push on his chest should be ashamed of himself - the cheating little prick. We'll appeal the red card but he'll end up missing three games because the rules are simple - "you don't raise your hands".

We should be disgusted to concede two goals right through the heart of our defence. Deeney was always going to be the obvious threat and allowing him in twice from long balls was, quite frankly, not good enough.

TK needs to learn how to kick.

VLP works his absolute socks off and doesn't deserve the criticism he gets. Most of the time he had two men on him.

Feel sorry for Dicko today. Spent at least 25 minutes of the second half warning up in front of us and then KJ brings on Kevin Doyle. Why? Regards Doyle he won one header and played a nice ball in to VLP which is when their lad fouled him for the second yellow.

Really disappointing to only get one point. The game was there to be won and in the end, we settled for a point.
Oh my word, just seen the replays on SSN. Sako surely stands a chance at getting that rescinded. Utterly shocking from Forestieri.
Forestieri you utter cunt!

Absolute disgrace. That is the most outrageous sending off you'll ever see.
Forestieri should have been sent off. One yellow for the tackle and one for the dive/simulation. It was so fucking obvious that he was cheating. It's almost as if refs are pressured into rewarding playacting.
Agree with Jinks re: VLP. Thought he was great today. Sako was way below par until about 60 mins but it'll be VLP getting pelters.
Anyway, 1 point isn't enough and having led twice we really should have seen that out. Their 2nd was such a poor goal to concede.