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2022 world cup

I'm sure that they were Frank, however when you have a Mega Rich oil sheik waving a suitcase full of notes then these things don't seem to important. I'm sure that Budweiser will be delighted that the World Cup will be held in a dry country.

There will be blood on the hands of the FIFA Executives should heaven forbid, a player collapses due to heat exhaustion and dies. It will hardly be comforatble for the fans either.
FIFA look after their own and stuff anyone else. Player, manager? Up Yours. Sideways. You only have to go back to '94 with Jack Charlton to see what they care about player welfare and how they stamp on anyone daring to disagree with their sanctimonious drivel.

This legacy stuff from the Swiss pervert Blatter is bollocks and he is single handedly turning the World Cup into a tin pot tournament, the toadying little shit.
I would have thought that I might have mellowed by now on this subject, but if anything it is just gnawing away at me.... the whole thing stinks that bad I just can't see me ever getting excited by the whole world cup again, it screams that badly of corruption I don't think I want to be a part of it, even the small place of me being a fan watching it - so FIFA for what its worth you've lost a fan of international football, I'm sure Sepp will not loose too much sleep about it but never less I feel that I must make a stand
The decision not to award the tournament to England was no surprise to me. The thing that really irritates me is that after the World Cup is awarded Sepp Blatter comes out with the new frontiers bollocks. If that was to be the case then all bidding nations should have been told before so that they don't enter the contest and waste a huge amount of money. The only reason that they haven't said this before is so that the 24 (now 22) FIFA executives can piss about on a jolly for two years at the expense of the bidding nations.

Another thing that I can't stand is how we have sucked up to corrupt bar stewards such as Jack Warner. We have sent a team there to play them to earn them a fortune whilst he dangles his vote in front of us as a carrot. He then states afterwards that he didn't vote for us because our press have exposed his cronies for what they really are.
So if the world cup is in January/february, what happens to the league games. Does the prem league close down for 2 months??
must be some very rich people in fifa....how else could a non football country that is red hot in summer, get the world cup
FIFA were very unequivocal on wednesday that it will be held in June. They wont move it - that would put platini and UEFA in an impossible position.

It will still be a very successful tournament by FIFA measures. It will make fuck all, and nobody will be able to go, but the FIFA measures will be good.
FIFA will be the only people to make money from it, so yes Paddy is correct.
Qatar is swimming with money, but they have asked that the tournament be held in jan/feb, and they say they told fifa that when the put their bid in
I thought Qatar had said they didn't ask this and its just the AFC asking for it to be moved
Hmmm - imagine if FIFA did agree and enforced a mid season break to accommodate it. Would sort out the issues with african cup of nations by way of precedent too. Nightmare for english football.
It's quite evident that FIFA don't give a cack about English (Or home nation) football, why else would they give the WC to Russia and Qatar?
Do any of you clever people on here know the time difference between UK and Qatar?
If they move it to february that would miss the german mid season break so it wouldn't do them a lot of good either. Would be amusing if we didn't enforce the mid season break and everyone buggered off to play in the world cup. At least three games with an even playing field. This is a non-story though. Sepp Blatter's #2 said very clearly that the bidding process was started with a june / july tournament on the table and nothing will change that now.