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Brentford 3 - Wolves 0 - a black armband verdict thread

Parkins left foot

'Quirk's Gay Game Winner'
May 11, 2012
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Fucking glad I didn't bother to go to this

Where do we go from here - don't care, just somewhere else

Bottom 3 aren't getting back at us so just gamble - really cannot be any worse

I am depressed
Please Kenny, hand in your resignation tomorrow. Get Pearson in and give the "footballers" a chance

I'm fed up of saying I'm fed up. But I'm fed up.

I'm off to do something more cheerful like watch a gritty WW 2 film.
Oh and bring Wallace back straight away
He looks like a gerbil and knows as much football as one.
How low can this team go?
Owner NFA, board clueless, head coach has lost the plot, players not good enough and half arsed.
Really don't want Kenny walking out under a cloud - he did a good job sorting out the mess that the Championship relegation left us with

The longer he goes on now the more he devalues that work
What I don't want to hear from Jackett tonight is something along the lines of - "We made a bright start and needed a goal then" "The lads competed and put in effort" or "We will work hard on the training ground this week"

Enough of the soundbites and bullshit, you are not performing Kenny and neither are your players
He's got to go surely after that performance? The players have to take some semblance of the blame, but losing 3-0 at Brentford has to be the final straw.
Positive - We conceded less than we did last season.

Negative - Weem fookin shit.
While it is now clear that KJ needs replacing, there are two people above him who are just as, if not, even more responsible for the current situation.
Morgan's already trying to go - what else can be do? Wind the club up?
That sounded awful. We seem to be heading back to the Staal and Saunders days rapidly. It doesn't seem to be a happy club at all.
Here is my one and only positive thought. Rotherham, Bolton and Charlton who so far this season have won 7,4 and 5 games respectively would need to win 5 of their remaining 13 just to catch us up and only one of them has the gimme that is playing Wolves
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Darkness there and nothing more.