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Dark theme?


Missing ) If found please return
Oct 22, 2011
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Not sure if it’s just me but I’m now getting a dark theme when my phone goes onto night mode. It’s difficult to read:

What phone OS and browser you using, bud?
iPhone and Edge (yes I’m aware I’m in a club of 1).

So no one else sees this? Wonder if the browser is forcing some fake dark mode.
That's really odd. MS has an experimental "Dark Mode" in there but you have to dig to turn it on; clearly you didn't do that.

Just affecting TWF?
I found it - it was that, turned it off and back to normal. Seemed to affect all xenforo sites.
Weird, but I am always saying how it's a miracle any of this stuff ever works.
Xenforo did an automated upgrade a couple of days ago. Maybe something got fritzed* in the process.

*Technical term, you wouldnt understand.
Did they add support for x.com links auto embedding?