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Ex-player/manager you most despise


Housecoat, la
Mar 12, 2010
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The Camara thread got me thinking - is he the most disliked ex-wolf? (Bhattis aside of course).

I have quite a list of disliked (stronger words are available) ex players and managers. I always struggle to decide whether I hate hoddle or saunders more. Hoddle for the manner in which he left, and the contempt he displayed for the club was phenomenal. Saunders should never have been appointment, and was out of his depth yes, but also his character (eg paul elliot, also the bristol rovers player he elbowed) gave me grounds to despise him. Then he'd start talking...

Regarding players, there's too many. Camara obvs, but Kightly and the manner he handled himself rankles me equally. Darren fucking Ferguson has always pissed me off no end. What a totally shit footballer he was. If ever someone "got on" as a result of their name it was he. Having seen numerous references to SEB looking overweight/out of shape, what would the internet have looked like in Fat Darrens day?

I know posters have referred to a few ex-wolves staff frequently with a fair amount of vitriol. Who are your top 5? Feel free to post more if you wish.

When Doherty leaves (in 2019) he'll go on there.
Because he was an absolute fanny. A fraud. A wage thief. I despised watching him play.
Dean Saunders
Glenn Hoddle
Jamie O'Hara
Freddy Eastwood
Michael McIndoe
But he's a nice bloke.

I can understand hating the others as they have the personality to go with the shit performances.
I'm sure he is a nice guy. He demonstrated this by picking up opposition players as the ball rolled across the six yard box while there was an empty net. All heart that boy.

However he was not employed to be a nice guy. We replaced Alex Rae with him. Four years of watching him was an incredible chore, I couldn't stand him.
Tommy Docherty
Glenn Hoddle
Dean Saunders
Henri Camara
Michael Kightly
Paul Blades
Paul Stewart
Mark McGhee

Oh wait, is that more than five? Dammit.
I only 3 that I class as "hate"


The rest, I don't hate just because they are shit or they act like a simpleton.
Ince was a cunt for the way he started all the racism shite when he didn't get the job and Mick did, self entitled - managerially at least - talentless prick.

Saunders and Hoddle are on an even keel for me, both wankers who should've never contaminated our club.

Halford was a shithouse too but not sure if it passed onto hate, same with McIndoe.
Life's too short to waste effort hating the bunch of over privileged useless lazy prima donnas who've played for wolves over the last few years
Not sure I hate ex players that much although I've never applauded a returning ex player playing for someone else no matter who he was.
Managers, Docherty without doubt and Saunders was/is just an idiot.
The one cunt that still makes my piss boil is Mark Fucking McGhee. The fucking cunt.

Why did I open this thread? I'm pissed off again now thinking about Steve Fucking Claridge starting against Fucking Arsenal after that thick fucking wanker put Bully on the fucking bench the fucking twat.

Wherever you are, you fucking fucktard, you can fuck right off again, and again, and again, until the day you finally pop your fucking clogs you utter fucking cunt.
Glenn Hoddle
Roger Johnson
Henri Kamara
Dean Saunders
Greg Halford
Tomaz Frankowski