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FA Cup Third Round Draw

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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Who are we crashing out to at the first hurdle this year?

I'll say Brighton away. Still not attending any cup games until we prove that we're going to bother approaching them properly, which we haven't in well over a decade.
Oxford United
Eastleigh/Southampton/Bournemouth/Portsmouth away please, ha!

Dan, our cup record this year is two wins, one defeat! Things are on the up! ;)
Villa away please (but not to crash out).
Haven't won an FA Cup tie away from home since Tranmere in 2010. Bloody hell that was a poor game.
As long as it's not some from the championship I'll be happy gut feeling is it'll something shit like Hull, Burnley or blues away. Is like a home tie against lower league opposition the cup maybe the only thing we'll have to enjoy.
We haven't won a game in the FA cup since January 2011 a stretch of 8 games.
Chelsea home - competition to see who's least bothered about an FA cup tie.
Chelsea home - competition to see who's least bothered about an FA cup tie.

That will be the game that Jose gets his mojo back for though....

Salford City....so we are on TV.
Really hoping we don't get the Albion can't be doing with the hype and rhetoric for one month and WM pant wetting at the game.
Did Jarvis get the winner?

Yeah, missed at least one complete sitter before that, open goal as I recall. Sunday teatime, live streamed by the FA on their own website, quite bizarre. Iwelumo and Mancienne looked like League Two footballers.
Yeah, I think it was a good pass by Milijas too.
I expect the TV companies to be unimaginative when it comes to selecting the games ie the BBC will choose an all PL clash.