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Fulham (H) build up


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Jan 14, 2010
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Stearman misses this one as he can't play against his parent club. Still no updates on John, Graham, Mason, Oniangue et al so have to assume they're still unavailable.

This is what I'd go with


Iorfa Batth Hause Silvio

Price Saiss

Costa Edwards Cavaleiro


Subs: Flatt, Bodvarsson, Enobakhare, Teixeira, Doherty, Saville, Coady​

I wonder what kind of reception Kevin McDonald will get on his return.
No problem with your team Lycan, but I am fairly sure that Doherty will start. And is Ikeme definitely out?
I aim to mock Kev by just shrugging everytime someone asks me a question and ambling to the bar at the pace of an 80 year old.

I'd love to play Silvio for the swoon factor alone but it appears we might as well forget him.


Mr Gloves




Subs: Flatt, Simpson, Coady, Herc, Ronan, Teixeira, Bodvarsson
I'd like to see:


Iorfa - Batth - Hause - Silvio


Costa - Tex - Edwards - Cav

Emulating Fulham's tactics from when we beat them in January there Bear.

That midfield offers less resistance than Vichy France.
I know it's too attacking, but I'd still like to see it.
Does anyone know when Evans is back? I'd love to see him as part of a midfield 3 with Saiss and Prince (or Dave if we must).
Rob said pre-Blackburn he was back after the international break. Since then, not a word.

It annoys me, just tell me who's injured and who isn't.
I think Ikeme will be fit from what he said on Twitter, with that in mind this would be my team.


I also wouldn't mind Bod up top now we have 2 wingers or even Dicko playing no 10 with Bod up top if we play Saiss and Price/Coady deeper but then Edwards isn't getting dropped any time soon.

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Our problems are solved LOL

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Can he play in midfield?
He didn't look like he should be on a football pitch from the little I have seen so far. Couple of goals won't do him any harm I suppose.

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He's scored a Hat trick now.

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Fair play to the lad.

Keeps that up and he will become the saviour that never plays (that's the rules when you score in the Under's. Also known as doing a Dena Rosa)
There has to be one player who is our saviour, but never plays

That is clearly Gladon's role this year
Just Hause in for Stears for me I think.

I'd like Evans in for Coady when he's fit too. Whenever that finally happens.

And what is up with Silvio? Is he injured again? I just don't quite understand how he never seems to be on the pitch. Ever.
No way is Doherty being dropped even if Silvio was fit after his Xavi like through ball yesterday.
It will almost certainly be the same team as QPR assuming everyone is fit, I really don't understand the clamour for Evans, he was good in Div 1 and first few games when we came back up but since then I've not seen him have one good game, I know he had a good spell on loan and would love him to come in and prove me wrong but from the times I've seen him he has the pace and mobility of Doherty, can't tackle and has poor positional awareness, yes he can hit some excellent passes but overall just isn't good enough for this league.