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Fulham - Match Thread - 10/12/16


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Feb 13, 2012
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Fairly happy with the team and bench tbh.

I have my thoughts on coady but as mentioned elsewhere, we don't have anyone that would replace him in a 433 (yet...)

Hope Harry has a good game as well, though I think his selection spells the end of Flatt's career at Wolves.
Guess Silvio is either injured or completely out of the picture if he's behind Borthwick-Jackson in the pecking order.
Flatt signed a new contract this week and is immediately overlooked. Really, really odd decision.
Burgoyne over Flatt is an odd one, though as I have not seen either play have no idea which is the better option.

Hopefully Lambert has called it correct & Saiss has a wonder game to give him enough protection as he has a somewhat leaky 4 immediately in front of him
Not thrilled with Coady and Edwards in the same team, but that's still miles better than most of our selections this year.
Fulham sound quick on the break, but a glorious chance for us as a Dicko pass is almost turned in by Cav from close in - just blocked out for a corner
Fredericks booked already. We have to get at their full backs.
sounds like we are trying to hit them on the counter, we have the players for it just need to hit the back of the net!! Kemes on the commentary team today.
Ikeme rates Burgoyne says hes a good shot stopper and kicker, bit of an all rounder.
Dicko offside for the second time in 2 mins - with his pace he doesn't need to be that close to the line
Hause forces it home from a corner won by Iorfa after a good run on the overlap
We're winning at home', wow the south bank really know how to lift their team.
Uh oh Ikeme says we need to make sure we "put a shift in"