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Goal of the Season


Proud Resident of Coventry
Jan 14, 2010
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Henry vs Bolton obviously. Only one winner here.
Henry v Bolton. What a fucking apeshite that was.....
Henry 1&2, Bolton just ahead of Sheffield Wednesday, but the latter was with his wrong foot so runs it close. Afobe vs Forest 3rd.
Henry vs Bolton, with Henry again vs Sheff Weds for the runner-up.
1) Henry vs Bolton
2) Sako vs Fulham
3) Edwards vs Blackburn
Afobe vs Forest 2nd.

My 3rd isn't even on that list though, Sako's consolation goal at home to Huddersfield. It didn't mean anything but it's a lovely goal.
The one I loved not on here was Afobe's second vs Rotherham, there was something about the way he gave the keeper the eyes and put him on his backside that was beautiful
The more I watch it, the more I think I'd have Edwards against Leeds as my 3rd spot. Such a fantastic header.

Also love Sako's team goal. Basically, we've scored some cracking goals this season!
1. Henry v Notlob (easiest choice ever!)

2. Afobe v Forest

3. Sako v Fulham

Some great strikes this season.
Henry v Bolton

Afobe v Sheff Weds

Sako v Fulham (love the Benny Hill version of the goal :icon_biggrin:)
Edwards v Blackburn or Afobe v Wednesday for me.

'Big hits' don't really do anything for me in these type of things.
Afobe v Wednesday for me.
Toss up between 3 for me, Henry v Bolton, Sako v Fulham, Edwards v Blackburn....although I could probably choose another 3. Considering we are all picking over the bones of whats gone wrong this season, we really have scored some tremendous goals
1) Henry v Bolton
2) Afobe v Forest
3) Sako v Millwall
Sako v Fulham for me - superb team goal and a quality finish at the end of it. Honourable mention to James Henry for both of his strikes and I also really like Afobe's goals v Sheff Wed/Forest and Dave Edwards' header v Leeds.