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Jordan Graham

Oh dear.

Just end this season now.

Get well soon, Jordan.
By no means an excuse for the crap performances, but we've had horrendous luck with injuries this season.
Yeah can we just sack this season off? We are fucked. Now need another wide player because we don't have anyone who is going to make the impact he has.
Poor kid. The one shining light this season.
Every time he has played he's had the shit kicked out of him by defenders with no protection from impotent referees.... Injury waiting to happen
Really crap news, get well soon Jordan
What a shame. Just got to wish him well and a full recovery.
Terrible news, but:

He won't be sold in the summer.

Jackett might be forced to play Byrne.

Silver linings and all that.
Gutted for the lad. Hope he can make a full recovery from it.
Oh man, get well soon Jordan. We are screwed.

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Bugger, from what I've seen of the players who are picked he's been our real attacking threat.

Hope his recovery goes well, its going to be a long old pointless season.
Terrible news for the lad, the club and us fans with out a shadow of doubt he was becoming our talisman and most influential player.
So in reality he's not going to be back fully fit until around Christmas time.

What a shit season this has been.