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Loan Window Thread

As I saidon the Loans Out thread, Yeah I think Danny Graham will be an improvement on Leon Clarke.
Good idea starting a "Loans In" rumour thread
an improvement on Leon Clarke.

Also an improvement on Clarke would be....



Ah, but it is a proven goal scorer in the Championship?
Being from the premier league it should be quite tasty in the Championship, although it wouldn't be my first choice unless we can get it at a cut-price. ;)
I don't think we'd be interested anyway, seems quite a disruptive character
If his demands are as high as reported then doesn't indicate much desire to come to Wolves, or anyone outside of the PL really, intentionally pricing himself out of a move.
As I understand it, the total value of the package was within our budget but we wanted a fair chunk incentivised whereas he wanted higher basic. Hopefully not too far apart, and maybe Leicester can subsidise some wages to get the deal done.
Thing is we really need another striker so even if a permanent switch at the end of the loan is unlikely it'd still be worth getting Wood here if we can at all. Who knows, if he enjoys it or if he turns out amazing maybe one or both sides would ease off a bit on their demands and be able to reach an agreement. Highly unlikely though you would think.
I'd like to think that if Wood had just one game at Wolves, he'd become a lot more excited about the prospect of this team.
I'm sure he just cites Millwall when he thinks of a possible move to Wolves.
Yet, I'd consider that a massive advantage this early in the season. So many people think we're still shit and got back to this league on virtue of our size. Wood would be a solid addition if it somehow still happens.

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Right, are we just loan watching on this thread? Or are we actively discussing any Loan Window business/rumours?

It's all so confusing....
Other than the Wood rumour, there's not much to talk about atm.
Were Millwall in for him permanently when he ended up going to Leicester?
Were Millwall in for him permanently when he ended up going to Leicester?

they couldn't afford him at all. They wanted to extend his loan but thats about as much as they could do.