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Logging on.


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Nov 26, 2009
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This morning whenever I close the window for TWF, when I reopen it I have to log on again despite me ticking the stay logged on box. It has not happened before this. Is this a problem with my i pad?
Not sure. I had that happen a few months ago on my PC and it just cleared up all by itself for some reason.

Have you saved the password to the device you are using? No idea if that would help but might be worth a try.
Kenny gave me a new password a while back, which I have saved. Normally when I open up the forum window I am logged on, but for some reason this morning I have to keep logging on.
I have that issue on the works computer, but that is down to my computer clearing its browser history on exit ?
Is it both of you that has the problem?
yep, I think it's obviously something were doing rather than a site issue.
I think you should both take the hint... ;)
Could be a cookie issue. Like the browser clearing them automatically. Do you have the same problem with other sites?
You're not in incognito / private mode are you.
You're not in incognito / private mode are you.

All sorted now. Apparently the silly machine was indeed in private mode. Goodness knows how it got there. Thank you very much for your help.
I must say Frank you love an over-reaction dont you..
I have this issue with my android phone, but. Just log on when I have any erudite comments/nonsense to type.

Anyway, it's stops Waggy looking at porn on my phone :D