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Nottingham Forest (H) 15/10: Build-Up & Match Thread

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Apparently Costa has had just 7 fucking touches in the 1st half....
And of course we have no shots on target... NONE!
This is very close to handball. Really hard to tell.

EDIT: One of the angles makes it look pretty clear, actually.
Strange one that. No one really appealed did they?
Adama isn't playing well in the slightest but he's the only way into their box really isn't he
Keeper went the right way but that was a cracker. Fucking months of frustration in that shot!
Floodgates opening or..... parking the bus?
Will he come back on to run it off for 10 mins only for the club to announce a broken ankle on Monday?
God, do we ever love dicking around by our own 18.
Wtf is the matter with these idiots
That's an awful challenge on Nunes
Rayan, mate. Come on.
Giving away a lot of needless free kicks and the ball constantly.
Nunes given a push in the back and Traore involved so is it a pen for Forest?
It's soft imo. But Nunes knows what he's doing.
Johnson coming up.... Sa fucking about delaying it... Sa saves it!!
You'll look at that and not Costa literally getting pulled down by his shirt?
Not open for further replies.