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Reading Build Up


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Oct 21, 2009
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Wolverhampton Wanderers are now in a relegation battle. Defeats to Burton, Wigan and last night at Birmingham means we are in serious trouble, and with two difficult away trip before another game against more relegation fodder, will mean every defeat from now will possible get Lambert the sack. I dont want Wolves to keep sacking managers but Lambert hasnt pushed on since the excellent win at Anfield, and I suspect some of the players are still standing at Anfield still milking the empty away end.

So where do we go from here with the crap available, we cant honestly continue with half that squad but in the same sense we cant make mass cup type changes, so who can we bring in to compliment the crap we have. Hause starts for me next week, obviously with him having no right foot means Stearman misses out, or Stearman moves over to a natural right slot and fuck the carthoss Batth off. Orrrrrrr does Mike Lucanianson come in next to Hause, he's been on the bench last two so is clearly fit. Fullback areas, Right if Dominic Iorfa is fit he must start, he's the best fullback at the club, straight in for Coady who is another carthoss. Sadly for Mr Lavelle we have nothing else at left back so Doherty has to remain.

Next up the midfield, which is the hardest to see being changed because I believe Lambert is now blinded by Dave Edwards so called brilliance. We will play with three midfielders against Reading so who ? Price and Saiss is a no brainer for holding and then the number 10 will be Bright for me. Saville, Edwards has proved by numerous stats over the weeks cant pass, tackle for shit. Sadly with Ronan being out another decent option is lost for the season. The lone forward role should be Nouha Dicko, I love Bod for his effort over the games and the fans love him, but we loved Mo Camara but not for footballing reasons. Bod just isnt cutting it in any sense, flicks on he wins fuck all, and in recent games he has contributed to zero chances or lacked many efforts on goal. So Dicko for Bod which is the only real switch with Mason injured, and only having three forward options when all three have scored the same total as a six fingered Albion fan waving..

So with that bollocks essay above my line up for Reading will be the same formation as we always start because Lambert is set in his ways.


Iorfa (If Fit) - Williamson - Hause - Doherty

Price - Saiss

Costa - Bright - Weimann

Saiss has to start, coady has to be dropped and Edwards should be dropped. None of that will happen though and it will be same again. With the same result.
Hardly anyone deserves to keep their place after that shitshow last night. Burgoyne is going to Barnet apparently? I don't like Ikeme and he cost us the game last night but he's better than Lonergan. Change the full backs please if nothing else.






Subs: Lonergan, Batth, Coady, Edwards, Marshall, Weimann, Bodvarsson

2016/17: W 2-0 (H)
2015/16: W 1-0 (H), D 0-0 (A)
2014/15: L 1-2 (H), D 3-3 (A)
2008/9: L 0-3 (H), L 0-1 (A)
2005/6: L 0-2 (H), D 1-1 (A)
2004/5: W 4-1 (H), W 2-1 (A)
2002/3: L 0-1 (H), W 1-0 (A), W 2-1 (H, P/O), W 1-0 (A, P/O)
1997/8: W 3-1 (H), D 0-0 (A), L 2-4 (A, LC)
1996/7: L 0-1 (H), L 1-2 (A)
1995/6: D 1-1 (H), L 0-3 (A)
1994/5: W 1-0 (H), L 2-4 (A)
I'd play a similar side to that - though replace Price with Evans. Weimann can consider himself very fortunate - he was dreadful last night but I don't think we have any other options.

I totally agree with the CBs.
I think Price next to Saiss would be a good partnership. Saiss is a physical player who plays good simple passes, something Price needs alongside him to help link defence and midfielder.

I would go with this






But that would mean something like 7/8 changes which he will not do.

All I see him changing is Marshall coming in. Dicko for Bod. And maybe Bright for Saville, with Edwards deeper.

And it will still be grim. There are so many players not fit for purpose it is a joke.
If I could pick the side I'd have this:

............... Ikeme

Iorfa - Willo - Stears - Hause

........... Price - Saiss

..Costa - Mason - Bright

................ Dicko





Ruddy, Iorfa, Batth, Price, Edwards, Enobakhare, Wilson
As many changes as possible please, pretty much none of them deserve to start
-------------------------- Ikeme --------------------------

Marshall ------- Iorfa ------- Williamson ------- Hause

----------------- Saiss ------- Price ---------------------

Costa -------------- Enobakare ------------- Gibbs-White

---------------------- Bod/Dicko --------------------------

Edwards has had his purple patch and reverted to type, a player who offers nothing. Coady and Doherty must be among the two worst full backs in the Division, Batth can't lead and just hoofs the ball while Saville is just a waste of a shirt. How has it got so bad?

Subs; Ruddy, Batth, Herc, Wilson, Edwards, Bod/Dicko, Evans

Iorfa Williamson Hause

Marshall Gibbs-White Saiss Doherty

Costa Weimann


SUBS: Lonergan, Batth, Price, Evans, Bodvarsson, Enobakhare, Coady​

I don't even know tbh. Reading will have so much possession against us, sit back and hit them on the break with Costa - Nouha - Weimann.
I'm hoping our team are sat in front of the TV now watching Sky Sports 1, but they're probably in a curry house somewhere looking moody.
I was just about to have my tea but now I've seen the idea of Doherty as a LWB mooted I feel sick.
I would pick Mo Camara over that idiot at LB how many more goals will he cost us before he is dropped.

Also Edwards and Saville are done for me I've seen enough of both and I would pick David Davis in their place if he was still here.

We are in that fight now no shying away from it, Lambert has to show some balls now and pick his strongest team, which excludes Baath, Saville, Edwards,Doc and Coady.

It won't happen of course but we can dream.

Can't see us winning this game I will go for a 1-1 draw.

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I was just about to have my tea but now I've seen the idea of Doherty as a LWB mooted I feel sick.

Less defensive responsibility. I'd rather see him there than LB, I'd have put CBJ in but we all know that's not going to happen.
This is the sort of game where we actually have a chance of winning it because Reading will have most of the ball and we will be able to counter. We might just be total shite again and they could beat us 4 or 5 but you never know. Iorfa, Hause, Saiss have to start no matter what.
What I'd like to see:

Iofra ----- Williamson --- Hause ------- Doherty (CBJ has been left out too long so he's undroppable by default)
Marshall ----- Price ---------- Evans/MGW ---- Costa
(Weimann is useless and I'd like to see how Marshall does in what would be regarded as his "natural position")
--------------------Dicko (Because he scored a goal)

What I expect Lambert to send out is

Coady Batth Williamson Doherty
(Batth seems to be undroppable for league games and I feel like Hause's discliplinary thing will reduce him to the bench as Lambert will see it as too soon to bring him in)
Price Evans
(Don't believe that he trusts Saiss at CM/CDM)
Costa Bright Weimann

Alternatively, I think he might put Iofra at RB and play Price and Coady together at CM.... Regardless I think he will be acutely aware that Edwards' time is up at the moment... unless he shoehorns him in for Bright
Dicko to start,Bodvarsson always plays slightly better when coming on as a 25 minutes sub.
If we insist on playing it HOOF then at least have Saiss in the team seeing as he can actually pick a pass.

Iorfa Williamson Hause

Marshall Gibbs-White Saiss Doherty

Costa Weimann


SUBS: Lonergan, Batth, Price, Evans, Bodvarsson, Enobakhare, Coady​

I don't even know tbh. Reading will have so much possession against us, sit back and hit them on the break with Costa - Nouha - Weimann.

Love the formation, think we discussed similar last night? Don't think we could ever use it though, Doherty will get forward, he won't get back when we don't have possession so we would be very exposed.