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Reading v Wolves - Matchday thread.

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Nov 26, 2009
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TEAM | Ikeme; Iorfa, Batth (c), Ebanks-Landell, Doherty; McDonald, Coady, Saville; van La Parra, Henry, Sigurdarson.

Surprised Mason has been left out, but let's hope for an improvement on Tuesday.
if this was a tv script, you'd never believe it !!! What is he trying to do ??
SUBS | McCarey, Deslandes, Rowe, Price, Byrne, Mason, Le Fondre.
What a strange team. Big chance for Saville. Has to get forward and support Bjorn.

1-1 Henry to score against his old team again.
Ridiculous selection. Praying for a smash and grab.

Against Reading. Who have won something like 4 in 18.

This is soul-destroying.
I'm going out - can't be arsed to follow this tripe.
I'm assuming KJ's new years resolution was to make one completely ridiculous selection each week.
I am surprised at the team selection. I suppose we will just have to hope that KJ knows what he is doing. But if we lose this, he will get some severe criticism.
I'm going out - can't be arsed to follow this tripe.

After not bothering to follow the last few matches, i'm staying in to follow this one. I will probably regret it.
Saville is the dullest footballer ever. Awful.
So he's asking Saville to do a Dangerous Dave. This will turn out interesting especially if Coady is off on one as well. If VLP starts on the left I am seriously worried.
Has anyone got anything positive to say...!!

After watching Reading all over us a few weeks back the only positive I can think of is that he may possibly have learned from previous dealings. We've got Mason, ALF and Price on the bench after that shit performance Tuesday - it beggars belief.
I've no problem whatsoever with him giving Saville a go but I have no idea why McDonald/Coady are still there.

As for Mason - erm... what?! Yet another signing shunted out of the way?
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