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Sheff Wed v Wolves: Matchday Thread

The Bear

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Oct 21, 2009
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  • Sheffield Wednesday have failed to score in their last five league clashes with Wolves (D1 L4).
  • Wolves have won seven and lost none of their last 10 league encounters with the Owls.
  • After losing once in 11 games, Wednesday are winless in four Championship fixtures (D3 L1).
  • The Owls are unbeaten in seven home league games, winning four and drawing three.
  • Four of Wolves' last five goals in the league have been assisted by Jordan Graham.
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McCarey, Golbourne, Edwards, Wallace, Coady, Holt, Le Fondre.
Edwards gets droppped but Doherty!

Looks like Henry oin the No.10 role. At least Wallace makes the bench.
Erm.... Dropping Golbourne is surprising, thought he'd played well the last two games. So who is left back? Doherty?
For goodness sake. Just put the guy you signed as a #10 in the #10 role. Give him a chance FFS
that cheating little bastard Foriesteri (ex Watford) is playing for them. whats the betting he cons a penalty or gets someone red carded
Erm.... Dropping Golbourne is surprising, thought he'd played well the last two games. So who is left back? Doherty?

Just posted on the build up thread:
Doherty in at LB then. Surprised, as felt Golbourne has been playing the best for a while. That said, back 4 definitely needed changing. Doherty has done ok at LB before, so I'm not averse.
Byrne for Edwards. Do we reckon he's on the right & Henry in the #10 role then?
Doherty has only played once at LB. He did have a reasonable enough game but I wouldn't especially want to try it again, it was an emergency solution to an emergency problem. He won't have learned how to turn, run, mark or stop crosses just because he's on the other side.

Golbourne was very good against Forest and other than his part in the third goal did ok against Leeds.
Doherty oh dear. Henry might do a job there but still think he's not in best of form at the moment. At least Bryne gets a start there is hope for Wallace yet.
Maybe Golbourne is feeling the foot injury again.
Hopefully we try and play it through the middle more with Henry there rather than lump it forward.
Edwards out at least, but Henry in there?

Have to hope that Golbourne's omission is because of a slight worry over fitness (though he is on the bench!) as cannot see the logic of that otherwise. From comments made for the last few matches he didn't appear to be the worst defending culprit by a long shot

Be interesting to see what Byrne can do with a start from the off
Doherty at LB, what the fuck?! Golbourne is nailed on for me
ooh, and play wallace as nr 10
Maybe Golbourne is feeling the foot injury again.
I've yet to be convinced he's fully over it. He's not quite looked the player he was when we signed him. Could be a reason why he's one of the ones with a contract expiring at the end of the season who we haven't tied down.
The cynic in me says at least Edwards is dropped - but by putting Henry there he'll be able to show there was little improvement, and put him back in next week...

And besides that, I like Henry but his forms been terrible for a while, he should be dropped too - Wallace deserves a shot in his actual position.
Presumably the Golbourne decision is fitness based.
I sincerely hope that the dropping of Golbourne is injury-related because throwing in Doherty based on footballing ability is the decision of a foaming-at-the-mouth madman.
Don't understand why Golbourne would be the one sacrificed at the back. Doherty is really no alternative, and to be honest, he's hardly been our worst defender recently.

Henry at 10 has been tried before with fairly limited success iirc, so why not give Wallace a go? Makes little sense, though I am pleased he has dropped Edwards at last.