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malta mick

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May 20, 2010
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we've been notified that our Sports Bar HQ has found a stream for todays match, and so meeting there later to watch.
it's on beIN sports 2

If I am wrong to show this, apologies - delete it
You can get on Live Media Player on Apple devices. 11th down in the list.
Cheers all..wolves goals flowing in..
VIP Box is telling me that no one is streaming the game!
Is that because I'm too early and they don't go live until 1459, or is there actually no stream?
Can't get anything on EPL*** either...
It's on Bein Sports 2. There should be a river.
Looks like the river has not quite dried out
Cant find any river at all. Just a dry hole..
Anyone found one? Please PM if so. Cheers.