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The 2014/15 Promotion Push Run-In Thread

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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Might be handy to keep all this in one place for easy reference. I'll do my best to keep it updated with the form, scores, injury news etc (anyone can chip in obviously).

Current Standings

Watford 85 +39
Bournemouth 84 +47
Middlesbrough 84 +32
Norwich 82 +38
Derby 76 +32
Ipswich 75 +18
Brentford 72 +14
Wolves 72 +11

* = Game in hand

Current Form (Last 10 Games)

Derby 2-5-3
Middlesbrough 7-0-3
Watford 7-2-1
Bournemouth 7-3-0
Ipswich 4-3-3
Norwich 6-2-2
Brentford 3-5-2
Wolves 4-3-3

Remaining Fixtures

Saturday 25 April

Bournemouth vs Bolton
Brighton vs Watford
Fulham vs Middlesbrough
Ipswich vs Nottm Forest
Millwall vs Derby
Reading vs Brentford
Rotherham vs Norwich
Wigan vs Wolves

Saturday 2 May

Blackburn vs Ipswich
Brentford vs Wigan
Charlton vs Bournemouth
Derby vs Reading
Middlesbrough vs Brighton
Norwich vs Fulham
Watford vs Sheff Wed
Wolves vs Millwall
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I feel we probably need to get 4 points from our next 2 games to have a realistic chance of pushing for the play-offs, which is achievable, but of course we could easily lose both games, its good to still be in with a shout at this stage, looking forward to the next couple of weeks.
Putting those PTG formatting skills to good use, I see.

I'll still be pretty surprised if we make the playoffs this season but it'll be close. I'm just not sold on our current form as being sustainable. We seem to be riding our luck to a certain degree.
I'll be cheering on Norwich tomorrow I think. Bournemouth, Brentford and Ipswich are the teams we need to be targeting IMO.
I'll be cheering on Norwich tomorrow I think. Bournemouth, Brentford and Ipswich are the teams we need to be targeting IMO.

I agree, think Ipswich and Bournemouth maybe running out of steam and don't think Brentford will be able to maintain their form, all to play for imo
Should be a lot clearer after this week. Our rivals you'd expect to win the next 2, and we could easily lose both.

Would likely be the end for us in that case. However positive results and it's there for us
We have 5 of the teams above us to play in the run in - so results in those games will probably dictate whether we manage to get into the playoffs/promotion places. Win the majority of those & anything is possible as now only 8 points off top with 36 to play for.

Bournmouth a distinct possibility for points now - not won in 5 & having been free scoring earlier, goals have dropped off somewhat.
Ipswich have a bit of nightmare run coming playing against alot of teams around them so either they will crash or take points off the other challengers
Same for us really. Bournemouth, Watford and Derby coming up in very short order.
I'll be cheering on Norwich tomorrow I think. Bournemouth, Brentford and Ipswich are the teams we need to be targeting IMO.

I'd go along with that, if Norwich had had a proper manager from the start of the season they'd probably be clear at the top by now.

Derby's recent results haven't been too bad but there's been an element of firefighting about them with them conceding a lot and sneaking late wins. Nine goals conceded in five games which is iffy territory for a team right at the top of the league. Bent went off injured today, I think he's a lazy shit but he seems to fit their system and has got some big goals. Big blow for them if both he and Martin are missing for a while. Last season is also going to still be in a lot of the players' and coaching staff's minds - they had a better team than Burnley last season but came up short, should have been beating a lumpen QPR in the playoff final but froze on the day. If they fall short again here, when once again they've had a squad that really should have been making the top two, it's not going to do much for their mental state.
Thanks Deutsch. A good reference tool.

Bournemouth's form is poor at the moment, and if we can click, we could take the three points on Tuesday.
That would put the cat among the pigeons.
Anyone else feel that Forest for the time being should be included? 9 points back but won 4 of 5 and face Norwich and Middlesborough in March so if they keep there run going could potentially get back into the race for the final spot.
Not just yet. They probably need another couple of wins with some results going in their favour to be in the mix.

Forest have got sixteen from the last eighteen available points, and have closed the gap by four points. They need to double that closure to get into things.
If we're targeting 19 points from the remaining 12 games - which takes us to 76 points, the maximum required at any point over the last 20 years to finish 6th - Forest need 27 from their final 12 to be overhauling that. Realistically that is unlikely to happen, it's over 100 points a season form and they aren't that good.
See no reason why Forest and Wolves both can't get in there but there is ten teams probably thinking the same. Massive achievement if we can grab one but I really would fancy us in the play offs against anybody. Stick my neck out. Derby and Boro UP. Us and Ipswich at Wembley. I'm psyched for a progressive seventh or eight so anything above will be a bonus. Does that special perfect loan signing exist out there? Sometimes it doesn't and you're best to go with momentum and team spirit.
Would not rule out Forest making a late run for 6th place with all the teams playing each other and dropping points it should not be too much of a stretch if they continue their form they have shown at the start of the season they can string results together. They seem to have got rid of Mancienne from the starting xi and miraculously their form has improved.
I'd by fairly confident that Derby and Norwich will go automatically.
I have us getting about 75-77 points, you'll need 75 minimum to get in the top 6 this season.
I'd by fairly confident that Derby and Norwich will go automatically.

I think this will happen too. Probably agree with those above about Ipswich and Brentford being our most likely targets. Shame about Watford's result today I didn't realise they were 2-0 down, if we can beat them at Molineux we might have a sniff at catching them.

The next 2 are key for us, if we lose them both that could be pretty much it for us this season.
Derby and Nlrwich for me too. Norwich have the best squad and Derby have some of the best in the division. Why Will Uges hasn't been bought yet I don't know.