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The Football News Thread 2017/18 - everything not Wolves

Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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New fixtures, new threads.

To the surprise of no-one, UEFA have bottled the RB Salzburg/RB Leipzig issue and allowed them both to play in the Champions League next season.
Haven't Red Bull scaled down their involvement with Salzburg to ensure they can play in the Champs League?
I think they've got round it by saying Red Bull don't actually own Leipzig, which is of course bollocks.

Salzburg are way less important in their thoughts now that Leipzig are in the German top flight.
Red Bull bought Austria Salzburg in 2005, renaming it, but following a restructuring it no longer has a controlling stake and merely sponsors the club.

Will call bollocks on that but UEFA went for it
Rochdale midfielder Joe Thompson says he is in "complete remission" after his second battle with cancer. And he is now able to resume his career.

Excellent news.
The FA has ended all its sponsorship deals with Betting Companies
Yet the Football League is still sponsored by Skybet. ?
Am I on my own here in thinking Oscars eight game ban is very harsh. Its near enough the same length as Cantona and Suarez.
Am I on my own here in thinking Oscars eight game ban is very harsh. Its near enough the same length as Cantona and Suarez.

For him to take the full hit for "sparking a brawl" is a bit heavy... Everyone who got involved should face some kind of punishment to deter people from "getting involved". It's a pack mentality that happens over here too and there really is no need for people to run half the length of the field to "protect" their team mate
Thank god. Hopefully a good club can look upwards. Was beginning to worry about their academy as know some good people with in it, even if they do struggle to compete with other clubs in the area
The Conference is such a horrible league to get out of, I do hope they make it back though. They're where they are because of sheer mismanagement, nothing else.
The conference is the non league equivalent of the championship. At least half the clubs in there think they should be in the football league. It took Lincoln City several seasons to restore league football to Sincil Bank, and Tranmere Rovers are not finding it easy to get promoted. I think Orient may find it difficult to get out of there. Play offs at the best I think.
Am I on my own here in thinking Oscars eight game ban is very harsh. Its near enough the same length as Cantona and Suarez.
Nope, it's a complete nonsense.

The melee was so unusual that the CFA consulted the English FA on how best to deal with the incident.

Now it all starts to make sense...
Celtics potential Champions League qualifier first leg with Linfield will take place on Friday, 14 July in Belfast.

There was no chance whatsoever that it would have been allowed to be played on the 12th.
I see Mike Ashley has given up on whatever he wanted to do to Rangers.
Renegotiated the contract where his company kept nearly all the profits from sales in the club shop (Rangers were getting 7p of every £1 spent. Top deal lads)
Now also sold his shares in the club.
Following discussions between the two clubs and the PSNI, a spokesman for Celtic has confirmed that the club will not be receiving a ticket allocation for their potential game at Linfield.

"No tickets will be available for Celtic supporters for the match. The safety and security of all Celtic supporters travelling and attending matches is of paramount importance to the club." '