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The OMG what on earth happened there Liverpool 1 Wolves 2 verdict

Incredible! Superb tactics from Lambert and great organization at the back and midfield! Awesome. I love being proved so wrong!
So do I Cyber. A quite brilliant performance, can't criticise any of them today.
Spot on tactics. Costa and Weimann instrumental in hurting them on the break.
So solid defensively. So dangerous on the break.

Outstanding performance as a team on the pitch.

Bloomin' magnificent all around.
Lambert deserves every plaudit he gets after that. Superb performance - full of effort, heart, desire and a decent amount of ability.

Very very proud - come on me babbies!
Magnificent just magnificent....what a game.

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Complete performance from all the boys.....big shout for Dicko and Bod, can't buy a goal between them but loads of effort, skill and ball holding up to release pressure on the defence/midfield
I was just leaving the taverna.....NOT!! No worries I stopped typing when pissed a few weeks ago, ha ha ha.
Absolutely amazing, days like today are as rare as hens teeth, it just makes it all the more special when they do happen.
Un be lie vable - I will wake up in a minute to find that the game has yet to kick off

100% performance from every Wolves player (+ the extra one in our fans who completly outsung theirs)

Dissapointed in Liverpool though - same tactics, that weren't working, for the whole match
Unbeleiveable result, superb performance, totally deserved. Every player stood and delivered today, and tactics were spot on from Lambert. Awesome
I'm also pretty speechless. That was a masterclass of a performance, make no mistake.

Days like this make all the shite worthwhile!

Impressive comments by Klopp by the way, such a refreshing change from the likes of Mourinho. Said it was a fair result and that they simply weren't good enough to break us down.
Credit to Lambert for the tactics, and the players for the performance! I hope as Costa came off Lambert said, "so you signing that contract then?"
Great team effort. Evans, Stearman and Hause superb. Credit to Saville too.