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The Velotard Thread.

Okay, here's a new one. Anyone cycle to work where their work place doesn't have a shower? My new workplace will be in commutable distance, but I lose the shower I have at my current place...(typical). I think there are a few people there who cycle to work, so I'm thinking to make a case for them installing one (if they have the space) in time for the clocks changing perhaps...optimistic I know. I hate sitting at a desk (or anywhere) after having sweating though, but would be quite up for cycling this journey even though my car is now fixed from a recent breakdown.
Could you not use the "dry shower" stuff people use at festivals?

I could. But honestly this doesn't sound much more attractive either.

Don't really think there is much in the way of a solution to be honest.
How far is the commute? If you were to wear merino wool or something that wicks away sweat, you wouldn't be too shabby, although I appreciate from a personal perspective you might appreciate a freshen up. Is there a friendly caretaker who could hose you down in the car park perhaps?
It should end up as about a 7 mile commute, so not that far at all. And it's a new job, so I think I'll have to find these things out in due course! I'll check back on this thread in January with this probably, but yeah, the right clothing will definitely help :)
I don't have a shower at work. I just stink it up for the day and shower when I get home. No biggie.
But that's why I go full Lycra on my commute as it helps regulate my body temp and wick away the sweat.
It's something I might consider more and more. The new route I take will be pretty flat... I also hope if there is a few of us, we can make a good case for a shower though selling the benefits of doing so. Cheers both. I have a plan...

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My commute is half yours, and flat/downhill there, so I'm lucky as no major sweat is built up on the way in. We do have showers though, but I don't use them.
Uphill home though!

PS awesome thread title!
Saw this posted last night by Hail to the Ale Micropub.

Two nice roadbikes were stolen tonight from Hail to the Ale Micropub (cut through lock cable) please look out for the following:

Enigma Etape, titanium frame, sram Apex groupset, 10 speed. Campagnolo front wheel, mavic rear wheel

Trek with gel inserts for suspension in frame. Black colour with black transfer decals. A fulcrum 5 set of wheels. 3t handlebars, fizik saddle, and a mt torch light.

That Trek sounds decent though....

Back on the bike this morning. Cripes it was nippy. Base layer, cycling jersey, cycling jacket, glove liners, winter cycling gloves, cycling cap, neck warmer, winter cycling socks and winter overshoes.

If only I had some kind of breathable knitted skull cap with ear covers......
I've really gone off Garmin. I was given a Forerunner watch and it's often crapped out of holding a signal (as I may have mentioned), recorded incorrect data (sub-3-minute km anyone), and/or located an incorrect position (on-land swimming). Recently it absolutely refused to sync with my computer and thus got very close to being introduced to a hammer.

I'm thinking Suunto but all multicunt watches are damned expensive.
Did 50k yesterday, thought I'd try one of the steeper local hills. I'd forgotten that it was like a tarmac fucking wall: over 15% in the middle section. I was swearing more than Paddy after a particularly pokey balti. Also, mildly disappointed to 'only' record 68kph top speed on the subsequent downhill section.
Yup. Thanks, stalker. I do find the gradients vary a lot, as I was working from mapometer which gave topped at at over 16%.