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Twitter Accounts

Penk Wolf

100% | Moderator
Nov 23, 2009
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So people from the forum can follow other people on the forum, put you account name on here then people can choose to follow you or ignore you.

@cspillard although I very rarely use it as I use @thewolvesforum.

And occasionally @thewolvesforum
@james_h_wwfc I don't take twitter at all seriously and I just post random things.
@will_machin and @zeligmusic although our dyslexic bass player has control of that at the moment (which makes it more fun than when I post with it)
Too early to catch on to such subtle humour, Penk.

Though I rarely post anything.
mine is @freddeno..havent used it so much yet..mostly had it for transfermarket news and the players at our club.
@ECT Quirk or without a space I dont know.

If there's sweetcorn in my sh1t you'll be the first to know.

Think I've tweeted once and once only to moan about the new website.