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Welcome PERMANENTLY to Wolves Helder Costa

Welcome! Can't wait to see him in action.
First win for Fosun

They have binned the Name on the Front under the Sponsor for the player pics.

Delighted we're getting the left side sorted. No way can we be going into a season with Doherty and Saville down there.
Looking forward to seeing him play, don't know much about him but 25 appearances for Monaco last season seems to indicate he comes with good pedigree.
And the crazy Twitter folks are fuming that he has to go home collect a few items and he will not figure tomorrow.

I know very little about him, but others think he is a good player. I wish him well at Molineux.
I suspect I'll say this a fair few times this summer.

Never fucking heard of him, good pedigree, looking forward to seeing him!
Ha, well timed pad.

Frank, we've agreed! It's an agreement born of mutual cluelessness, but still....
Who'd have thunk we'd be making signings like this five weeks ago. Welcome to Wolves, hope it's a great season for both parties.
Welcome Helder - whether we've heard of him or not just glad that were are not having to talk about trying to sign (but failing) Chris Wood again for the umpteenth window in sucession
Imagine how happy Fosun will be when Kenny leaves him on the bench because he doesn't know where to play him.
So happy they fire him I should think

Quite funny. People have been going on about Ken being Morgan's yes man for years and it's been bollocks. Now he actually is a yes man if he wants to keep his job.
Welcome Helder, great you are here!
..and Silvio!