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Will Aston Villa be relegated?

Will Aston Villa get relegated?

  • Yes

    Votes: 17 60.7%
  • No

    Votes: 11 39.3%

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Nov 26, 2009
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Aston Villa are currently in the bottom three, could it possibly be that they will be relegated?
I fucking well hope so.

I said last week at work that if Villa found themselves in the bottom three they would find it impossible to get out so I'm going with Yes. If any team who's been in that league for as long as they have find themselves below QPR at the business end of the season then they deserve to go down.
No they'll win a couple of unexpected games and scrape out of it, if they do it'll feel weird seeing them in the second tier.
Funnily enough I was sat behind some Villa fans in the bar I'm in tonight watching the PL games. Like a bunch of entitled fools, they think Lambert will sacked tomorrow (he won't) and wanted either Redknapp or Hoddle as manager! If Lambert keeps his job to the end of the season I think they will go, although I've not studied their fixtures.
I think their run in isn't to bad, but if they can't beat Hull says it all.
Lambert is a complete charlatan, or at least he has developed into one since he left Norwich. Deliberately plays awful football and hiding behind money is such a red herring - over the last 18 months or so he has seen Benteke given a contract which will put him on huge money, ditto Delph, they are paying all Tom Cleverley's wages, he chose to sign Senderos and Joe Cole on "frees" but they must be eating up at least £60k a week between them, one has always been awful and one sadly was finished 3-4 years ago, wasted punts on foreign dross such as Bacuna, Kozak, Helenius, El Ahmadi, Luna, he has had funds and used them poorly.

All that will save them is what saved them under McLeish - getting fortunate enough to splutter along to around 38 points and hope there are three worse teams. Leicester, Burnley and one other? Possible but they really have to make a change of manager very, very soon - it must be driving people away. I've probably seen every televised Villa game while he has been in charge and a few others on streams etc and virtually none of them have been any good, horrible stuff.
They've scored 12 goals in 25 games and they've suddenly started conceding on a more regular basis as it was their defensive record grinding out a few draws that had them just in the safety zone, things are getting worse there quickly and it would take a monumental turnaround in fortunes for them to start winning games. Winning 5 out of 25 is absolutely piss poor and you have to go back to 7th December for their last win when they beat the mighty Leicester at home.
Quick glance at there fixtures I have them roughly on about 35-36 points at the end which will be borderline this season, they've got Burnley last game which may just save them. They've also got QPR, WBA, Swansea, Stoke, Everton and West Ham still to play at home. They've still got to go to Man City, Spurs, Southampton, Man Utd, Newcastle and Sunderland away.
The win against Leicester was helped by an incorrect sending off. His whole game plan depends on Benteke firing on all cylinders and that's not happening.
They've also got QPR, WBA, Swansea, Stoke, Everton and West Ham still to play at home. They've still got to go to Man City, Spurs, Southampton, Man Utd, Newcastle and Sunderland away.

I'd be hard pushed to put money on them winning any of those games. QPR and WBA on paper are their best bets.
Think it's just hard to believe that Villa would go down, I still think the Albion will have a lot to worry about if they lose tomorrow night.
It's a simple case for Villa if Benteke goals and form dips they are screwed, they've been fortunate in the past few seasons playing appalling football.
I'd be hard pushed to put money on them winning any of those games. QPR and WBA on paper are their best bets.

They've been in this position in the last two seasons but managed to pull a result out the bag here or there, the away games bar Sunderland look a complete right off and Villa park will be poisonous at the moment.
Theyalways seem to get away with it but 12 goals in 25 games is unbelievable, which I think is going to cost them dearly.

Them, Leicester and one other, which I hope isn't Burnley.
Lambert's record at Villa now reads:

P101 W25 D26 L50

Exactly a point a game, over nearly three seasons, and the football is no better than McLeish's. Around what Mick got with us with perpetual bottom 4-5 budgets and working up from the base of a Championship team rather than a club that has been in the top flight continually for pushing 30 years. And it got Mick sacked in the end despite our aims always being way below what Villa's board let alone their fans would aspire to. And Mick's football was by and large better than what Lambert has been serving up. Not by much, but he knew when it had to be scrappy and tough it out and when we could play, at least up until the final three months or so.

You could accept a year of attritional crap while he sorted out the utter mess McLeish had left and weeded out all the muck from the squad. But nothing has changed, he's swapped awful players for awful players, anyone who's started to show promise at Villa has quickly regressed (Lowton, Westwood, Weimann, even Benteke now), he has to be out of excuses.
they're going down at the moment. what's likely to change for them? there's enough games for hope, but you need a plan!
I think it all depends on how the others do, they all end up beating each other so no one pulls away from the bottom. If Leicester start putting their chances away and qpr start getting points away from home it makes things even tighter down there. Still any 3 from qpr, Burnley, Leicester, hull, Sunderland, villa and west Brom.
I would be delighted if they bit the dust this year, but not if it keeps that fucking disgrace of a club QPR on the gravy train
Please god yes. Sadly there are too many clubs I dearly wish to be relegated this season, but 12 goals in 25 games has to relegate you automatically surely...? Banned from the top flight for crimes against football at least?!
QPR, Villa and WBA for me this year - and actually, I feel genuinely sorry for our friends in Sandwell to say that.