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Wolves 1 Burton 1 Verdict thread

Wolf Hunting

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Jan 31, 2010
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Doresn't seem like anyone's started this.... strange.
Sounds a fair result. Looking forward to reading verdicts from those who went.
Changed the thread title as I'm pretty sure it finished 1-1.
Quick mentions on way home. Ikeme and the defence were solid. Stearman was good and CBJ you tell he trains with good players, but maybe a bit lax at times, but played well generally.

Tex was poor, prince and Ivan grew into the game. Coady was immense and MOTM. Costa lots of endeavour but not too much cutting edge. Gladon was awful.

Bod changed the game, he's so good. Mason could have had a hattrick. Edwards didn't seem to know what he was doing.

Overall: work in progress. Look like we have individual quality but need to gel.
Sounded a bit like a backward step but when you have so many new players making a debut, it's to be expected, but again, it'll be good to hear from people who were there to compare this team against the team of the last couple of weeks when we really seemed to be gelling into something exciting.
CBJ should be apologising and hanging his head in shame in the dressing room after that. Good second half from him (after a poor first half) but that was criminally lax at the end.
I thought everyone was getting a bit over excited before the game, yes it was an exciting line up but most of the new players are untried and unproven, it will obviously take time to integrate all of them into a 'team' hopefully there was enough to see in the individuals to give us hope for the rest of the season......it seems Bod has to start atm
We are a work in progress. It will take time for all the new players to get accustomed to the hectic pace of the championship.
I felt it was a bit all over the place, and we didn't really play the ball on the floor enough to the forward three to accurately assess their abilities for this level.

Ikeme - solid, dependable, no chance for the goal
Doherty - Disappointing, didn't really get forward enough to help the team but was generally sound defensively
Batth - Solid, seems more composed next to stearman, was one very shaky moment towards the end of the game where he sliced a clearance from a cross
Stearman - Not sure on the penalty as I was nowhere near, his yellow for the tackle seemed harsh, otherwise he was decent enough with some good ball work and tackles
CBJ - Underwhelming first half, seemed careless at times, second half was a bit better with some challenging crosses and good slide tackles, needs time to gel.

Coady - Ran around a lot, lots of cross field passes, some decent attempts at through balls that didnt come off, some decent tackles. will be good backup for Saiss
Prince - Took the chance well, but I felt he was pretty poor and anonymous
Teixera - Ran around and tried hard, should have done better with his shot in the first half but was ineffective otherwise.

Cavaleiro - Glimpses of his quality but with Gladon and Prince playing by him and being anonymous it was a tough game, will need time to settle and a settled XI before we see his best I feel
Costa - Good dribbling, some lovely skills to beat his man but otherwise was a bit hit and miss
Gladon - Got the impression that he was a Kevin Doyle mk2 from the game in all honesty, didn't offer a lot and tried but the things he tried never came off

Mason - Should have had at least one, denied with a superb block at one point also
Bodvarsson - The team clicked a lot better with him on, good persistence to set up Prince's goal; was it only me that saw him seem extra aggressive today? aside from the push when they kicked the ball away I thought he was being a bit loose with his elbows also and was worried he'd do something silly. might have just been me though
Edwards - Terrible sub, I love the guy but he came on and tried to close people down while keeping his arms wide open so as to try and block any pass by any means possible, maybe the more intelligent work of Price to intercept the ball was more appropriate...
Very quick thoughts as I'm on the way home:

We didn't have enough ideas how the use the ball when we had it and overall we were poor. I don't think we had anywhere near enough physical presence in midfield. Hoping that's something Saiss may offer. Prince doesn't use his size as well as I hoped he would.

Cav has clear ability with the ball at his feet but didn't work hard enough without the ball. Similar to Tex who didn't have the best of days and Costa who was busier but needs to stop the diving.

Gladon is no better than a typical tall championship centre forward. Didn't offer anywhere near enough to suggest he can play on his own up top. Not impressed but it's only one game.

Bodvarsson better in every single department and made a huge difference when he came on. He simply has to start until such time when we've got the luxury of him and Dicko available.

CBJ showed some excellent touches and made some good challenges but some of his passing was horrendous in key areas.

Stears did well and I was gutted for Ikeme at the end because he deserved a clean sheet.

But impossible to argue with the result over 90 minutes against a tidy side. We should have been behind at HT even without the penalty miss.
I think Zenga has some questions to answer on this one:
Why didn't you play Bod when he is so pivotal to how we play?
Why play Doherty at right back when he has been consistently poor in that position? I'd need to see it again but looks like he lost his man for the ball over the top for the goal and was a shadow of his attacking self.
Why not push the full backs high onto their wingbacks, meaning we double up on them and break what is a pretty simple formation down?
Why allow your players to take a corner on 87 minutes in the corner to waste time at home to Burton?
Please, please tell your Portuguese players to stop diving. They may have felt the slightest of touch on occasion, but they are unlikely to get it and will get a reputation which means when they are fouled they won't get it....see Don Goodman as the Wolves example.

A draw was a fair result, we are a massive work in progress. Didn't think Cav was fit and needs to go at his man more. Gladon was permanently offside, Batth and Stears did a lot of blocks but you question whether they would have needed to with better positioning. CBJ gave the ball away a fair bit which I'm happy to take given the number of decent balls he did play either inside or down the channels. Prince and Coady both had decent games without either dominating midfield.
Did Edwards actually touch the ball?

Agree re that short corner. Pointless and a total waste of possession in a good area. Short corners boil my piss at the best of times.
Did Edwards actually touch the ball?

Agree re that short corner. Pointless and a total waste of possession in a good area. Short corners boil my piss at the best of times.

I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't, he looked like he was trying to do an impression of a running starfish considering how much he was holding his arms up
Now im no Doherty fan but its clear hes been told not to go forward and to leave it to Costa/Tex to sort out, this happened far too many times for it to be due to
Doherty being too cautious.

Gladon wasnt THAT bad, he tried to win balls and was very eager (too eager) to get to any through balls,there's a glimpse of hope for me with him.
Mason looks a different player to last season...(in a good way)
Cant being doing with the diving from several players.
Cant be doing with the mucking around by the corner flag with 5 minutes to go (plus stoppage time) just fucking cross the thing.
Costa definitely dived. Blatant.

Coady's was very harsh. He jumped over a slide tackle and fell over as he landed. No pen but not a booking in a million years. The ref was a tiny prick who didn't seem to have any control over the game or any consistency in his decisions.

Stearman's was a booking btw. Got a bit of the ball but you can't slide through a player in the modern game. The tackle on Prince was exactly the same. Got the ball but took the player. The ref got those right.
Stears' was a stonewall booking.
I think we deserved to win personally, if you take the goal plus the Bodvarsson header plus the chances that Mason had alongside Doherty's air shot at the end we had more than enough chances to win the game and that's without a couple of crosses that hit someone but didn't go towards goal. The team will take time to gel but from what i've seen a lot of fans have been overly critical. Some things obviously need to change like Doherty should not be playing right back but it will come i'm convinced. Should be 3rd tonight but i think we tired massively in the last 5 minutes and CBJ clearly had cramp and was struggling to move in the build up to their goal.

Massive positives again and i think we will continue to build on it.

Special mention for the referee who was absolutely dreadful, not only did he get very simple decisions wrong he also doesn't know all of the new rules that have come into place. Should not be refereeing at any level.
Decent day out but not enough to convince me I haven't made the right decision in giving up my ST.

Gladon - perfectly good goal chalked off. Ref at fault (more on him in a bit)

Burton came for a point and got it, but they were niggly and negative and generally rather horrible. Some truly bad hair on their side as well, including Fellaini- and Hassan Kachloul-lite.

We missed a few good chances. We dominated the play, but at most a victory by one goal would have been fair. We didn't batter them nearly as much as we could or should have done. I like our passing play though. Much more attractive than Jackett-ball. Really like the look of Tex and Costa, Cav got into the game showed some good touches. Gladon pretty decent, but overshadowed by Bod and Mason when they joined proceedings.

Doherty and Stearman the best of the defenders. CBJ looks like he has it all, but needs to work on effort and application.

Short Corner on 87 minutes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Never do that. We were dominant. Stick it in the box and try and win two nil.

Referee. Napoleon complex short arsed fucking bellend. Penalty dodgy. Brilliant signalling from Napoleon that suggested it had been given for aggressive country dancing. Every free kick he could, he gave against us, and the yellows for simulation were both borderline. The second was a penalty in my view.

Could easily have sent off their 26 but let him get away with murder. Then decided that 5 x 30s for subs plus 1 minute for Prince injury and 20s for Tex being down was 6 minutes.

An absolute abomination of an official. Disgrace to the profession and I hope I never see him ref again.
I think we deserved to win personally, if you take the goal plus the Bodvarsson header plus the chances that Mason had alongside Doherty's air shot at the end we had more than enough chances to win the game.
100% agree. Two points thrown away IMO.

We bossed it for 10-15 mins after our goal and should have scored again. Mason had two good chances which somehow got blocked. He never seems to have much luck in front of goal. Plus Doherty's air shot at the end.

Burton had a good first half and should have scored their penalty but they did nothing much in the second half.