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Wolves v Juventus


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Nov 26, 2009
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It is 44 years since Wolves beat Juventus 2 - 1 at Molineux to reach the UEFA cup semi finals 3 - 2 on aggregate.

What a night, and what a team.
The Wolves team that night:

Parkes; Shaw, Parkin (Taylor, 80), Hegan, Munro, McAlle, McCalliog, Hibbitt, Richards, Dougan, Wagstaffe.
I was there for that one. If I remember correctly Helmut Haller (germany in 66 world cup) scored for Juventus to put them 1-0 and we came back
There was a Club on Dudley road just up from the Police station near to the Ship and Rainbow where Haller spent the night after the match, things were a lot different back then.
Just look at the forward line we had then. As good as any in the league.
Fantastic Danny Hegan goal - I was in the South Bank that night and had a great view of it!
Fantastic Danny Hegan goal - I was in the South Bank that night and had a great view of it!

I saw in the north bank and we were squashed in like sardines. I also seem to recall that before the game there was a massive Juve banner in the south bank.
Wasn't Fabio Capello in the Juve side that night as well?
I believe he spat at, or in the general direction of, one of our players as well.
I could be wrong, but I think Capello played in the first leg, but I do not think he played at Molineux.

Kenny is correct that Wolves complained that Capello spat at one of our players. The years have faded the memory, but I think it was Jimmy Mac that Capello spat at.
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Thank you Gents. I did say the old grey matter was not what it used to be...

And as Lofty was an awful lot bigger than Jimmy Mac, then Capello picked on the wrong man...

Seriously though, spitting is horrible, particularly directly at another person.
In an earlier round we had a game where Jose Mourinho Snr was in goal against us didn't we?
I might be thinking of another time then.
Mourinho Snr played for Belenenses, and Wolves played them in the 1973-74 UEFA Cup. Wolves won over two legs but I am not sure if Mourinho played in either game.