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Nov 26, 2009
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Any preferences on Coffee?

I prefer mine not too strong, with a little milk, but no sugar.
Has to be milky - and definitely no sugar.

Not fussed about fancy filter coffee either, the bog standard cheap instant stuff is fine for me. My input into this thread will be like James' in the beer thread.
I love coffee way too much.

Stronger the better, 1 or 2 sugars. Have my own little machine to grind the beans as well. Nothing better than a Coffee made with freshly ground beans. Buy a lot of different beans from Whittard's to try out. My fave is still Guatemalan Elephant but was disapointed they discontinued their Pico Durato one as that was a lovely coffee. Only really have instant coffee in the office now, its fresh stuff at home.
Strong coffee, one sugar, not too much milk. When I was smoking it was weak coffee, two sugars and a lot of milk. Since my taste buds have improved, coffee is something that I have appreciated more than anything.
Not a fan of coffee at all. If I had to drink it, it would have to be very milky and sweet to mask the actual coffee taste (the opposite of how I like my tea).
I'm a coffee addict, got to be strong 5/6 ground, i have a coffee machine at home, using lavazza at the moment (2 for £5 Asda) very nice.

I used to go to Snapes in Queen St years ago, loved the smell.
Kenco Costa Rican is my instant coffee of choice and I would be able to tell it from other brands/blends. Black, no sugar, boiling hot else it isn't worth drinking.

I read an article about high levels of throat cancer in Northern Iranian men due to them drinking tea when its boiling hot so I think I'm nailed on to get it.
I've taken to having the odd 'proper' coffee when out for a meal or something but my daliances with instant coffee have been nowhere near as positive, it pretty much all tastes awful in my experience. I'll stick to the real stuff when it's available, can't be arsed with the expense and hassle of doing it at home, i'm not that big of a fan.
We've got a Saeco machine at work and it is superb. It tops anything you get from any of the coffee chains so I'm now a massive coffee snob.
I use Nescafe Azera at work, usually with milk that has been warmed in the microwave.

If I'm out I will occasionally get a (caramel) latte or a cappuccino.
There are so many different choices for coffee nowadays. Good old Nescafé does me nicely.
Wondered when I got up this morning if there would be a Coffee thread started ! :)

Always have to start the day with a cup of tea, then I change to coffee. I love coffee. Never have the instant stuff like Nescafe etc, but prefer proper ground coffee beans or coffee made from my Keurig machine. There's something rather lovely about the smell of it wafting through the kitchen. If I'm using ground beans then its Peaberry Cafe Tres Generaconies from Costa Rica ( which comes in endless supply from friends there ) If using the Keurig machine pods then its either;

Folgers- Lively Colombian
Green Mountain - Dark Magic
Newmans Own - Newmans Special Blend
Starbucks- Holiday Blend
Caribou- Caribou Blend

Probably drink more than I should but I love it. Heres a bit of coffee trivia. Did you know when a woman goes to have a mammogram she is advised not to have Coffee 24 hours before having it done as this can make your breasts very tender in the machine. So, next time your partners go squeezing and squishing ya man moobs and it hurts, then you know you've probably over done it with the coffee :)

Oh, and dunking in coffee is gross.
Got a Tassimo at home, which is great. Kenco Intensa, I think it's called. Straight up black, no sugar. The Costa Coffee disc is pretty nice too, but requires milk. Can't beat freshly made stuff though.
The only time I have ever enjoyed a cup of coffee was when I was in Rome. I even had a 2nd cup!
Just having a Cappuccino in the coffee bar. Not bad, but I prefer proper coffee.
Sorry I probably am contradicting myself. I will happily admit I am no expert on coffee.