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Dean Saunders at Chesterfield

Norman Deeley

Dean Saunders's Press Officer
Feb 13, 2012
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According to Twitter the Welsh Genius is the new boss of the Spireites. I can only send them my sympathy. Still, a good chance to take some money off the bookies...
That's great.
I have absolutely no affiliation with Chesterfield, so I'll watch with interest to see this clueless fucker ruin the team that Cook built and watch them slide down the season...

I've never seen a manager so bereft of football nouse, man management, tactical awareness and a staggering blind spot in being completely unable to transfer any of his considerable experience into a team of capable players.
The fact that this idiot was promoted way beyond his level of cometence into the manager's slot at Molineux apalls me and will remain in the tear stained annals of history to be one of Wolves' most inept and embarrassing appointments.
Good god, why has he gone there? would have thought with the job he did at Chesterfield, he could have done better than that.....or is it a "sleeping giant" scenario?
Sleeping giant scenario for sure. With the supporters trust Pompey are in much better health now. With Cook in command I think they are excellent bet for promotion next season.
Not picked up on this, I hear Cook on radio Sheffield and he always comes across well. Someone that I was thinking could have been a good match for us before we got Jackett, play a very entertaining brand Chesterfield when I have seen him. No idea about what the budget or spending was but he seems to have done a good job with Chesterfield.