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Guardian On Sir Jack

That is absolutely disgraceful.
What a set of wankers.
So wanting British products to be used to keep workers in jobs in Britain is racist? Just fuck off
Someone will have to let Seyi Olofinjana know that Sir Jack was a xenophobe and a racist. I walked past him after the game on Saturday and he looked close to tears.
Barry Glendenning. Another unfunny twat that somehow gets people to pay for his "services".
Barry Glendenning. Another unfunny twat that somehow gets people to pay for his "services".
Already starting to get hammered on Twitter and he's replying. Can't copy and paste from my phone.
Sorry, did he just try and compare Sir Jack to Adolf Hitler. My ears gave up listening
"He openly admitted he was a right wing xenophobe" says Glendenning.
Using the Dave Whelan method of having a pop at someone when they can no longer reply. Classy stuff.
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Yep. A recently passed man who happily described himself as a bigot.

What a fucking shameless cunt this guy is.
What a complete and utter cunt. I hope he dies slowly and in exceptional levels of pain.
Reported him as a 'racist and a xenophobe'.

Hope its actionable you absolute fucking tosspots
Being patriotic, backing your own country and wanting to promote Britain is not racist......unfortunately there will always be some tosspot looking to find a way to have a go at some-one successful and philanthropic like Sir Jack
Looking at his tweets he's trying to back track a bit claiming he admired Sir Jack, you can say how much you admire someone but if then compare them to Adolf Hitler your admiration is forgotten.
I am furious about that. The guardian should disassociate themselves from that utter disgrace.
Hope someone in the local media is onto this to, we can't even say he's jumping on his grave because hasn't been buried yet. Just shows how woeful these comments are.
I'd rather listen to proper journalist like Henry Winter who did a fantastic peace on Sir Jack.
What's this cunt's Twitter username? Time for a barrage that would make Paddy blush. Utter fucking cuntsack.
the bloke who brought it to the Guardians attention has just posted on the comment page.

" Greenmile 10m ago

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HI folks, It was me that brought up jack hayward's more colourful side. I would like to point out that I didn't make up those things. He said them himself. I only brought them up because of the somewhat onesided review of his life and times.
Sure he gave lots of money to wolves, but he wouldn't be the first person with objectionable views who sought to buy a good reputation by giving away money. Jack Walker and dave Whelan would be two other prime examples. Will we remember Roman Abramovich as one of football's good guys on the basis of all of the money he has poured into Chelsea?"