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Ice Hockey Thread


Stinks of Kenny
May 17, 2012
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Not really sure if there are many interested in this sport , and if there are, if there is already a thread started. Can't remember ever seeing one though. If no one else is interested then that's ok, it can be somewhere I can come to to talk to myself , vent my views on the Filthy Flyers ,to praise Sid The Kid, and talk Nacho's n Cheese. With Pre season starting next month , I for one can't wait.
NHL - you should buy a Wall Clock from Footie-Gifts with your beloved Penguins on it.

In that sport, my team of choice has always been Toronto Maple Leafs as my neighbour growing up was from Toronto and his kids all had the kit. We played street hockey and I wore all the tender padding and trainers instead of skates at about 9 years old. Looked fucking ridiculous!
He don't even sell Wolves stuff so I doubt if he's gonna sell Pittpenguin stuff !

Maple Leafs would be my 3rd choice, with Boston Bruins coming in at 2nd. But at aged 9 I bet you thought you looked well cool !!
He kept that quiet, the little tinker !

I'll be putting forth my Christmas order soon !
I couldn't possibly comment. I helped him list a few bits and bobs last week when I was at a loose end, and I did the NHL stuff, that's all.
Colorado fan thanks to Joe Sakic. used to watch it when 5 used to show it still enjoy it albeit on the PS3 though NHL12.
Vancouver Canucks all the way, used to go watch them at GM Place when I lived there. Great sport.
Do any of you get to watch it on tele, or don't you bother ?
I have no legal options , so shady streams on the computer for me I'm afraid.
Tom, just noticed you live in Oslo, nice place to live, but with no hockey :eek:hnoes:. That's how I have to watch all the Wolves matches , on dodgy streams, or listening to the running commentary on here ( which I am grateful to all those that contribute ).
Filthy Flyers ,to praise Sid The Kid

After that game 3 I can't help but feel the pens took the filthy title :D. As for cindy, he's no Giroux :icon_biggrin:


I was sure as hell worried after game 5 though. Credit to Pens for fighting back. Was a mental series.

Looking forward to it all starting again soon but it all depends on the CBA deal I believe?. Don't know the ins and outs of it all but I've read if it's not agreed by 15th then it could be and indefinite lockout until they finally agree a deal?.

As for watching it, face-offs for Philly games are usually midnight so it's only weekend games I can watch. Playoffs though I pay for GameCentre Live to either watch live or next day.

Lets Go Rangers!

Can you let us win for once this coming season? Please?
Psycho , I look forward to some ' friendly ' banter with you !!! That was one hell of a series, but then every game is when its Pens v Flyers . Its the equivilant to Wolves v The Shits ! I believe there is another meeting this afternoon, so will have to wait and see. Wasn't the last lockout 2004/5, that was a long long Winter for me ! Hope they can sort it, but I see many players ( including Sid/cindy/cry baby / I prefer genius ! ) are already making plans to return to their home countries or to Europe in the event of a lockout.

By the way, your user name fits perfectly for the team you support :icon_wink:
my favourite team is NJ Devils..
my favourite team is NJ Devils..

freddeno, what made you choose the :devil: as your team ? That same question to all of you, what made you follow and support your particular team ?