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LIVE! Match discussion 2014/15


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May 13, 2012
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End results are also allowed even if not discussed!

CL and EL qualifiers begin this week.
Santos 0-7 Tromsø

That's Santos Tartu btw. ;) EL qual.

Sligo Rovers 0-0 away to Banga Gargzdai from somewhere.
Airbus have taken a 1-0 lead
Hibs 0-2 Spartak Trnava (not good Hibs)
Ah...Aberystwyth,I've seen the Antiques Roadshow from there once....nice name.Playing Derry City.
Airbus hit some turbulence,1-1 there.
Hibs 0-3 not good!
EL Qual.

Haugesund v Airbus 1-1 after 20 mins.

FC Honka is a really cool name :)
Adam Rooney has scored for Aberdeen,is he related to Wayne?
Haugesund 2-1 Airbus UK Broughton :)

Adam Rooney hat trick for Aberdeen.
Not that I have any expectations for the Norwegian clubs in Europe but all 3 EL participants in the first round got through.

FK Haugesund knocked Airbus UK out 3-2 agg
Rosenborg knocked FC Jelgava out 6-0 agg
Tromsø knocked Santos Tartu out 13-1 agg
1-0 Celtic, the lad McGregor who was at Notts County last season.
We were linked with him weren't we? Scored quite a few goals last season
Not sure there was ever anything in it. Jackett said he liked him, but Celtic never looked like letting him go permanently so that was that.
I acutally sat through 80 minutes of that dross-fest in the hope my -2 handicap bet would come in. Even Celtic should've been able to put a few past those pub players.
I lasted about 8 minutes,realized it wasn't for me.