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Mindrush Mental Health Footbll Charity Event coming to Wolves!


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Aug 15, 2020
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On 31st of August I am taking part in a solo, self-funded fundraiser to raise awareness of the varying mental health problems people in the UK are facing today. I am cycling approximately 4,000 kilometres via every single football league ground in the top four tiers of football England and Wales, only stopping to sleep, to raise awareness and money for both mental health charity MIND and CALM, a charity committed to eradicating suicide here in the UK

I’m sure you all know how important these charities are and how much of a stigma there is regarding mental health. The sad thing is, if I was raising money for a more understood illness then my fundraising would be so much easier to come by. It’s a self-funded and self promoted project that in these times is extremely hard to get off the ground or charities who are now underfunded when we need them most. Therefore, I am contacting yourselves as your team will obviously play an integral part of the overall fundraiser along the journey with my stop at Molineux. With the football community behind me, I’m sure it can be as big a success as we can hope.

You can find out more about the journey and the daily blog showing how far I’ve travelled each day, how long it took and all pictures of all the grounds and everything in between at www.mindrush.org.uk and any donations/support/sharing of the website you could do is obviously priceless. The website also serves as a hub for many different facets of help you can get, whatever demographic you come under, if you or anyone you know are struggling with your mental health.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this everyone. Much appreciated!