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Oct 22, 2011
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Couldn't see that we had a podcast thread so I thought I would start one.

Podcasts, at least to me, have come on massively over the last 3 or 4 years - some have been way more gripping and interesting than TV.

Some of my current favourites:

S-town: new one from this American life and Serial people, fantastic podcast and truly shocking at times (even when I've only reached ch3)

Untold: Daniel Morgan Murder Story - new (to me at least), goes through his Murder but also the Met's corruption.

This American Life - old favourite, still good even if you are not remotely interested in America.

Witness - from the BBC, various historic incidents told from the first person perspective.

From our own Correspondent - scarily I've been listening to this for nearly 20 years, BBC at its best.

Plus loads more. Any suggestions for new ones would be much appreciated. And if you do long car journeys and have never got into podcasts - try it, time can fly with the right one.
I'm also a serial podcast listener, mostly Radio 4 shows I can't listen to live. Current list includes

Desert Island Discs
Fighting Talk
The Bugle - not so good now John Oliver isn't on it
The Allusionist - if you are interested in words, you'll enjoy this
Brain of Britain, Round Britain Quiz - I like serious quiz programmes
Infinite Monkey Cage
The Life Scientific - Jim Al Khalili interviewing other scientists
More or Less
No Such Thing As A Fish - the QI elves, can be a bit juvenile but Anna Ptaszynski is the radio version of Victoria Coren

Edit - forgot The News Quiz and The Now Show
Adam Buxton's podcast is a really good listen.
The main ones I listen to are:

Kermode & Mayo Movies on 5 Live.
Dr Karl Science Q&A phone in on Triple J (Australia)
Dr Karl Science Q&A phone in on 5 live (straight after his Aussie show)
StarTalk with Neil De Grasse Tyson

And I used to listen to The Naked Scientist every week from Cambridge but haven't tuned into that for years now. It's very good with lots of breaking science news across the spectrum from peer reviewed journals, but could be very dry and quite long.

I like my sciency stuff!
Some good ones - it always amazes me on how many good podcasts the BBC put out.

On the science front, I always liked 'Science in Action', but am miles behind now.
I always listen to :-

Money Box
PC Gamer
Crate and Crowbar
Woman's Hour
Adam Buxton's is great.

I also listen to:

Freakanomics Radio
Richard Herring Live from Leicester Square Theatre.
Jon Ronson On...
I struggle with Jon Ronson, I really like his written stuff, but find his voice really annoying. It's a shame as some of the American life stuff he did was great.
Athletcio Mince - football podcast which doesn't talk about football with Bob Mortimer
Your mom's House - Puerile American husband and wife comedians
Joe Rogan Experience
Radiolab - think this is part fo this american life
Answer me This
I miss the Adam and Joe podcasts the solo Buxton ones don't quite hit the spot
Crossing Continents.
The Long View.
The World Tonight.
Yesterday in Parliament.
The Reunion.
The life Scientific
Desert Island Discs (depends on who the guest is though)
Money Box Live
The Reunion
In Our Times (again depends on the subject matter)
I've just finished S-Town. It's an utterly brilliant podcast, incredibly difficult to listen to at times, but just great 'radio' told really well.
Very much recommend BBC Jeremy Bowen's 'Our Man in the Middle East' podcast.

Really intersting and covers his 25 years in the region - I've always thought he was a great journalist. It's well worth a listen if you're interested in the middle East.
I get it's just me with the podcast obsession :)

But if anyone is interested in podcasts i have just finished Intrigue: the ratline about Nazis escaping at the end of WW2 and Teacher's Pet about a woman who goes missing in Oz in the 80s. Both are excellent and well worth a listen.

I just have loads of football ones that are weekly or more often. Guardian. Football Ramble, On the Continent, Five Live one. Quickly Kevin is great and Graham Hunter does some quite good interviews too. So do want to broaden my horizons a bit.

Only non football one really is Syed, Flintoff and Savage one. Which is still about sports in the main!
Dear Joan and Jericha.

Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine as agony aunts improvising responses to letters they've each written. Absolutely hilarious. If you're familiar with Julia Davis, you'll know how dark and filthy it gets.
Quickly Kevin is great

and it is back on. Kicks off with Bobby Gould who confirms some of the mad rumours about him, such as designing kits for teams (Long time rumour he designed the Red/Yellow away kit for Albion based on Melchester Rovers).

In the current run they will be reviewing the 3rd and final book by Brucey.
Dear Joan and Jericha.

Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine as agony aunts improvising responses to letters they've each written. Absolutely hilarious. If you're familiar with Julia Davis, you'll know how dark and filthy it gets.

That sounds right up my street.