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Wigan 27th Sept - Matchday thread

Parkins left foot

'Quirk's Gay Game Winner'
May 11, 2012
Reaction score
May as well have one - we have kicked off

2 mins in - nothing has happened yet
Lol already conceded. Wigan 1 - 0 Wolves. Le Fondre finishing from the six yard box with the kind of accuracy he never really managed for us.
Tex left, Costa right and Cav in the middle. Doherty at RB and Silvio at LB.
Quick Wigan attack by Perkins - cross comes in - ALF on the 6 yrd line unmarked

1 down after 5mins!!!!
4 ex players scored against us already this year if you include SEB
Kin ell!! and i was just feeling good about big Sam getting his P45.
Batth clearly didn't like Nathan Byrne as he goes right though him - ref happy with it though so he's obviously not a Byrne fan either
Wolves now starting to build a bit of momentum - final ball/control not quite there though yet
I've got a feeling that if we can get a goal back in the next 20 mins or so, we will get a hatful.
Saiss chip over the top for Costa - would have been clear once past the defender, but goes down

Complains he was being held & no reason for him to do so unless he was as there was no one else between him & the keeper - Ref gives nothing
Edwards wins the ball - onto Costa who is quicker than the defender - under pressure, but gets his shot away, just clips the top of the crossbar & over
Sounds like we are getting little from this Ref

Warnock goes through Costa - no foul

Edwards just touches Gomez boot & FK given