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Any STH/member NOT going to Ipswich?

Tom Hark

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Feb 20, 2012
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If the unthinkable happens and we lose to Swansea on Wednesday, I'm planning to go to the Ipswich game with a friend on the 27th. I'd like to get the tickets before they go on general sale if possible. Dan's letting me use his supporter number for one of them. If anyone else would be so kind, please PM me. Thanks.
Ive got 3 numbers, will drop you a PM now.
Sorted in record time. Thanks Trips + tredman. /Thread
Is Ipswich not due to be played on FA Cup 4th round weekend? I'd be waiting till after Wednesday just in case we win and are at Notts County!
It looks like re arranged games in the Championship are being played on Tuesday 30th if game off for 4th round action