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Can't access forum when VPN is on


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Nov 23, 2010
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What's up with that? :( Get a server connection error.
Works for me when connecting through vpn
doesn't for me

phew, glad we got that established. :D
Oi foreigners, You come over here taking our VPN's, bloody forum immigrants !

Can you tell I haven't got a clue what a VPN is ?? Isn't it something to do with being able to see your underpants ? :)
that's exactly it! :happy: /waves pants over head
try doing:

nslookup www.wolvesforum.co.uk

Both when the VPN is connected and without. Cut n paste the response and that should tell us why it isnt working.
it resolves to the same IP both on and off VPN. I even tried a few different VPN locations.
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