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Nov 26, 2009
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There would appear to be a few on here who play chess. I am a member on Chessworld. If anyone else is then feel free to join me for a game. Either let me know your username via this thread, or if you prefer, then PM me.

I played Chess at County level a few years back, I was a reasonable player, but nothing special by any means.
I haven't played since about 15. I might sign up and give you game at sometime, Frank.
I haven't played since about 15. I might sign up and give you game at sometime, Frank.

Please do, and if you register as a guest it is free. As such you cannot invite players for a game, but I am a full member and if I know your username I will invite you.
The wife is out tomorrow night, so if you are about I will sign up and give you a game.
On a related theme, I'm trying to teach a friends son how to play.
Any tips folks? I'd like him to play a game that isn't on a pc!
Ask him what style of play he wants. Does he want to be swashbuckling and attacking? Most kids do. Teach him the basic moves. Get him to study a book on endgames so he has technique, and then get him playing through the games of someone like Mikhail Tal. See how much he understands is going on the first time he plays through the game, and to write down his thoughts. Then let him read the annotations and see what he missed. That will be 95% of it at first but it will improve. Teach him the themes of the opening such as space, tempo, and piece activation but absolutely do not buy him a specific monologue on an opening system yet. He doesn't need it. After Tal, get him looking at fischer and kasparov games. Deeply strategic players like botvinnik can wait until later in his development.
Get him to plan three or four moves in advance rather than just thinking about the move he's making.
or just get him to do what Paddy does....cheat
The first thing is to teach him the basics. Get him to know the pieces and the moves they can and cannot make. Once he understands that I would suggest you play him in a couple of games, and see if he is aware of things such as "Fools mate." And as Penk says, get him to look forward a few moves. Chess is a great game, and I hope he gets into it.
King's prawn to king's prawn four.

I could have been "The Chess Champion".
I love the game but I've never been much more than the chess equivalent of a "button-masher". I've tried to sit down and learn some real strategies and tactics but I don't really have anyone to practice with, and each computer program I've tried seems to recognize every possible moveset after the third turn.

I think when it comes right down to it I'm just too impatient. Invariably I always make my move after thinking I've seen all the possibilities, only to discover that the reaction my opponent makes is always the one that I haven't thought of.