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Time for Joe Gallen & Rob Edwards


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Apr 20, 2016
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Time for a change. New to this site. Always stuck up for KJ but can't do it anymore. Sick and tired of this Wolves side. Can't bear another moment of James Henry, Dave Edwards and his shocking blog, Ikeme and his nice personality and total lack of fire in the belly. We have too many poor players and they've been found out this season. The final straw was the demotion of Coady so Edwards can get a Euro place. Two games in and he's complete guff again.

KJ is not strong enough to lead a team to the Premiership and beyond.

I have a sneaky feeling that the foundations are being laid for Joe as head coach and Edwards as his assistant.
not sure if promoting the number 2 is the way to go - see TC after MM.
you're right though about the players - no grit or determination, just going through the motions - no passion !
I wouldn't have minded seeing Edwards have a go - sensible young guy. Kenny has to go soon, 3 wins in 17 at the same time as having no clear plan as to what he's trying to achieve and ignoring the chance to give out talented youngsters a go means his time has run out for me.

I'm not normally one for sacking managers as I like stability and continuity - but that's doesn't include keeping liabilities in charge.
Joe Gallen is a career number 2. I see no value in changing manager right now, I'd much rather wait until the the season finishes.

I also thing Kenny will stay.
There is no doubt that if we carry on as we currently are we will be deep in a relegation battle next season.

3 from 17 in this league is quite frankly disgraceful.
Gallen certainly not a manager. There is no point changing it with three games to spare.

Like NWW said, he's not going anywhere. I've tried to up my enthusiasm recently and believe he will turn it around but I do think he has completely lost the plot now.
That article is about as good as our midfield/strikeforce.
I don't know about 'pretty good rant', he talks a fair amount of $#@!e in there. The point about Martinez not being good enough to play for Port Vale is particularly stupid.

Talking about the quality of the rant: but I thought it was well up to E&S standards...
Thought their measurements were usually "in pictures"?