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Welcome to Molineux Jon Dadi Bodvarsson


Jeff Shi's Bitch
Jan 14, 2010
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£2.7M, 3 year deal.
Spiers reckons it £1m
I'm worried if I blink I might miss us signing someone else.
Looked pretty good in the Euros. POWER!!
Have we ever gone from first rumour to confirmed signing as quickly as this before?
The shields and electric fences around Compton arent there for nowt ;-)
And he has no links to Benfica - oh my God!
So, no links to Benfica for this one?
Here's hoping this Icelandic chap is better than the last two Icelandic chaps that have been here! Best of luck to him!
also - sorta unrelated but this character - ð - I've never seen that before!
Welcome Bödvarsson, pleased things are moving in the right direction..hoping for Talisca also this week
Being talked about as a striker but goal return doesn't suggest he's prolific. He looks like someone Kenny Jackett would have loved
Okay, I'm posting a bit too much at one but - is he meant as a right winger or a forward! Wikipedia (I know, I know!) mentions both positions

Can't go out at all now without something happening - really struggling to get used to this new environment in that we target players and actually get them!!

Still almost a month left of the window - bets on how many more!!