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What do we really need for promotion next season?


Virtual Cock
Oct 24, 2011
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There's been some decent debate on twitter (not the usual meltdown) about what is needed for the squad next season. That is assuming we don't go up this season before some smart arse says you can't get promoted from the Prem.

It is widely assumed we will not retain Sako and with our frailties in midfield and at the back what do people think we need and are more likely to get.

For me it is a replacement for Sako and if we persist with 4-4-2, a box-to box type midfielder (Pritchard type), striker (prem loan signing a la Bamford) and right winger.

If we revert to 4-2-3-1 then we need a creative #10 (McEachran), replacement for Sako (Lingaard-esque), defensive central midfielder (Chalobah for example) and a right winger.

I know there are some that say we will perpetually need 4 players but with the big money salaries gone now is there really an excuse for Wolves not to achieve this?
Pritchard is a #10 not a box to box midfielder.

I agree with what we're probably going to need though. A #10 and another CM are the big ones for me.
Assuming we stay in this league we need a central midfielder with a more all round game than Price for when we play a midfield 2, a creative number 10 for when we play one up top, a Sako replacement and a Premier League young forward to sit on the bench and come in when required. Do that and have luck with injuries and I think we'll challenge for the Top 2
A bench warming striker, a centre half, a left winger, a defensive midfielder and a number 10.
I can't bear the thought of Wolves without Sako.
We need a snotter...

Seriously though Id like to see us buy a central midfielder (butterfield from hudds?) and a winger.
I'm actually not that concerned about another centre half - we're not going to lose anyone and Hause clearly has ability and should be looking to get some games in his preferred position next season.

A #10 and a more 'rounded' foil for McDonald/Price in the centre of midfield are key for me - and I think we need a natural leader in that area of the pitch as well. For all his faults, I think Edwards is one of the better leaders in the middle of the pitch - but we do need to upgrade on him because he's not suited to playing alongside McDonald or Price. It might well be Evans in a few years time but he's not ready to take on that role just yet and clearly needs to learn some experience on and off the pitch. I can't see Rowe or Saville doing that either unfortunately.

I would say a Sako replacement but I have no idea who that could be - he really isn't an easy player to replace. I wonder if Graham might get a look in for the first team? I think we'll see more of RVLP next season who I think has done okay in his first campaign in this league. He'll have learned a lot and I do think he's got potential.

Up top, I'd like to see a typical Jackett-esque signing from the lower leagues who could come in for Dicko or Afobe if needed as 3rd choice. That's clearly not Clarke who will be offski, Cassidy should also be released and I've real concerns over McAlinden's development after the little game time he's had this year, as well as the lack of impact he's made when he has played.
Tom Ince or Knockaert would be decent Sako replacements in terms of someone with potential to score 10+ goals. Whether they have the right attitude or would want to come is another matter.
I'd take a look at the Icelandic lad at Charlton. He's in double figures playing from the left wing.

Not sure how much he cost Charlton though - I can't find it reported anywhere.

EDIT: Freebie on a two year deal.

Let the Johann Berg Gudmundsson hunt begin!
I though RVLP was Sakos replacement ?
I think Kenny did say that, which is laughable really given he is up there with the most one footed players I've seen. A season of him / Henry / Jacobs on the left would have been very frustrating
James McLean from Wigan could be a shout. Their only good player this season and could be available quite cheap.
Are we talking bare minimum requirements here or a wishlist of what we would like?

I'm of the opinion that we need 4 players as a bare minimum and find homes for Rowe and Saville away from Molineux.
For me

better Back up Keeper for Ikeme
Better Centre Half than Baath, he is not good enough to play 40 games for a promotion team
Midfield is our real week point, when we lose Sako, we will need upgrades on McDonald, Evans, and a replacement for Sako.

I said all season we would come up a bit short, and we have.
A number ten and a replacement for sako are needed. A centre midfield upgrade would be nice. Other than that, I think we're in pretty reasonable shape to be honest.
We need a replement in the back four for Batth. Local hero and all that but just not quick or agile enough and poor distribution. Could that player come from within? Iorfa?
A defender, right back, should Iorfa move into the middle
We need someone in the middle of midfield, preferably a defensive minded player and move McDonald forward more.
A left winger to replace Sako who will surely be snapped up by a decent Premier League club.
A forward to replace one of Dicko or Afobe should one be injured/suspended

That is the LEAST that we need
I would add a defensive coach to the list, both Ricketts and Edwards have done stints on match days so Kenny clearly feels we need one. Individually a back four of Iorfa, Batth, Stearman, Golbourne is good enough for the Top 2 in this league, but individual errors mean they concede stupid goals. That said you don't need to coach 2nd tier players to not make the mistakes Batth (Leeds), Stearman (Boro), Golbourne (Blues) did as they already know it.
I think our forward players Afobe and Dicko have to be at the forefront of our mind when we consider next seasons requirements. Do they require crosses into the box to make them function at near maximum not particulary. So how do we utilize their assets to best effect, their speed.
Have we got players who can link the midfield to the front line, players who can play a through ball into our strikers forward runs. I look at Price and McDonald and see very good passers of the ball, but sometimes we leave them out numbered and without a forward passing option through midfield. I would look to rectify that.
The back four for me don't pass the ball well enough into midfield, I would look to add one or two good passers of the ball from those positions who can also link into midfield.
Overall I hope we sign good footballers, good passers of the ball who help create a more fluent pass and move outfit.