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What I Want from December

Norman Deeley

Dean Saunders's Press Officer
Feb 13, 2012
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We have six games in December. By no stretch can any of them be described as difficult. Well, not what we’d have considered difficult at the start of the season. I want six things from December
• 9 points: that would take us up to 27 and would almost certainly means we could beat enough crap teams in the second half of the season to stay up
• Some sign of a recognisable style of play
• An indication that Lambert has a footballing philosophy and recognises that setting the team up to score nil slightly hampers your chances of winning
• An organised defence
• Some movement on the coaching staff. As Darlo rightly said on the verdict thread, all our backroom staff needs replacing
• Game time for players like Bright and Ronan. Call me a grumpy old twat but I’m not sure some of our current players are good enough…
I think Wolves are crying out for a pass and move culture because its so difficult for a new influx of players and a new coach to gel with what was the Wolves way. For to long good passers of the ball have seen their opportunities limited because the staff preferred the strong athletic runner.
I look at a side like Swansea and think new players and a fresh coach have a chance there because at their core they pass and move rather than run around aimlessly. I think we have to buy passers of the ball in the transfer market and as a club create a footballing culture.
Stearman, Doherty, Saville and Coady consigned to the scrap heap never to be seen again.

A coach/manager who doesn't make comments before a game only to completely contradict them with his team and tactics.
I'd settle for not being below a Kenny Jackett side at the end of it.
I don't expect to get any of those things, in fact I expect us to be firmly in the bottom 3 by January and getting ready for another league one campaign
Four key things for me:

- 4-2-3-1. I happen to think it's actually becoming a bit of an outdated shape now but it's still got some merit and it's our best hope at the moment. We need to keep the ball better, we need to make sure the back four and keeper aren't exposed to any great pressure because they're all either crap or massively off colour. So play it and play it properly (we didn't yesterday, as I said on the verdict thread it was more 4-4-1-1). We have the players to make it work and look balanced so do it.

- When you say you want to play from the front foot, bloody well do it. I understand why he set the team up like that at Preston, really I do. But you regularly put teams out like that and you're condemning yourself. What really is the plan? Hope we get to 0-0 at 60-70 minutes and make a few attacking changes? It's not the best approach now is it. As soon as you go a goal down - and we will quite often, because our defenders are prone to giving cheap goals away - how are you getting back into the game from there? You can't.

- A number of players need to be put on notice. I seriously wouldn't mind if we patched a dozen of our players. A dozen. In the Championship. Which is a crap league. So it's last chance saloon time for the likes of Ikeme, Batth, Evans, Hause, Price, Mason, Bodvarsson etc, and time up for the likes of Saville, Lonergan, Coady, Gladon, Stearman, John, Wallace et al. We have a culture of mediocrity and it's time for that to stop. Step up or fuck off.

- And a special mention for my mate. Some would say that I've mellowed over time. Some would say that I'm less predisposed to hyperbole. So in that spirit I can say that I'd genuinely cancel Matt Doherty's contract tomorrow. If there ever was an epitomy of someone masquerading as a Championship player and somehow getting away with it, an embodiment of what shite has somehow been allowed to fester within our squad, he is it. I am absolutely sick of him. He can't run, tackle, pass, turn, jump, control the ball or stand even vaguely in place. His attitude is appalling. Get rid of this absolute chancer and let's see where he ends up, I'd be surprised if a League Two team picked him up. And it shows our moronic fans up big time that they gave him Player of the fucking Season last year, what a joke. It shows us up that he's probably our most used player in 2016. I despise this dreadful excuse for a footballer, I'd rather have the retired Sam Ricketts playing at full back for us.

I expect none of the above to happen, but a man can dream.
Championship players, it's becoming more and more obvious that most of our squad aren't even up to that.
I'd be sounding out the likes of Sheffield Wed, Barnsley etc, after all we have the money to tempt most of the current Championship Clubs.
How many of our players would be bought by other championship clubs? Stearman, who is our most experienced CB, made Fulham worse.

We need a huge overhaul of our squad - I wouldn't be opposed to us signing some championship level / type players because right now, that is a step up.

Priority for me is strengthening the spine. So, new GK, at least an 1 organising CB, someone to play with Saiss in midfield, and I think Bod / Dicko should be fine too, sign Costa on a permanent deal. A couple of championship full backs too. That should at least make us competatIve again.

I wouldn't be opposed to Baath, Edwards, Mason, Iorfa and Hause as squad players but I think that's about it.
Who cares who would buy them? Our owners are supposedly richer than Croesus. Pay them off or stick on the furthest field at Compton until their contracts are up
I would like to see a goal that would be nice.

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I'd just like to see a bit of exciting, attacking football. I won't hold my breath.

Then, roll on January and bin off the likes of Ikeme, Bath, Stearman, Doherty, Wallace, Saville, Coady & Edwards and put some actual talented footballers in the team (like the guy we paid £8m for but don't play despite him being miles better than anyone else we have in that position). Get some new coaching staff in and get rid of that chancer Thelwell. Again, I won't hold my breath.
I just want to see us start moving away from the bottom three the very thought of another season in league 1 makes me feel ill.
Reality I think we'll be in a similar position to where we are now come the 1st Jan.
I've read plenty of posts, on other forums, from fans that enjoyed our season in League One. 10k2MK etc
Our season in League 1 was enjoyable in as much as we won lots of games in a League we shouldn't ever have found ourselves in with a budget which was considerably more than anyone else and followed 2 years of shite. Absolutely no guarantees that would happen next time round. I'd be amazed if anyone genuinely wants to try it out again.
Most of the games were fairly dull processions. If we went 1-0 up at home then most of the time that was it, we were going to win. We didn't play especially good stuff in the first half of the season and there was not that much of a sense of achievement at the end of it (we did well to get that many points but still).

Anyone who actively wants to go back to that level wants their head looking at. Why not go further, resign from the Football League and start again in the Banks's Premier? We'd win every week. Doherty would find his level too.

Don't get me started on validating MK Dons.
I want Jackett...oops Lambert to lock himself in a room away from any backroom staff and watch all the match dvd's from the last 18 months.
Then if he still picks a starting 11 like saturdays then i want him to fuck off.
I want Jackett...oops Lambert to lock himself in a room away from any backroom staff and watch all the match dvd's from the last 18 months.
Then if he still picks a starting 11 like saturdays then i want him to $#@! off.
Save himself time and just watch Saturday's
I want 15 points from December please. I will probably get 5.

Look at the table. Outside the bottom three on goals scored ffs. Its a shambles and we need a result at QPR thursday.