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Wolves 2 Barnsley 1 - Never Give Up, Never Surrender!


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Jan 24, 2011
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And there was me thinking we'd blown it with another poor defence of set pieces.

One thing's for sure... the future's BRIGHT!
Phew !!! another Wolves roller coaster afternoon.
Shat ma pants.
Guy sat next to me on the train, left early and missed both late goals. We left at the final whistle and made the same train :)
Daylight robbery really. A poor performance that against most teams in the league would have resulted in losing. Barnsley didn't create loads but got plenty of balls in the box and knocked it around better than us at times. Though their goal came from a free kick that the ref gave for one of their players falling over the ball, annoyingly.

Bright and Alf changed the result so fair play to Nuno for his changes. Though he does still seem to rigidly want to stick to this formation even though it obviously wasn't working today. I was hoping for Costa to come on for a defender and see us go to 4-2-3-1. Luckily it worked out thanks to the subs but it won't always happen like that.

What an impact by Alf though!! A goal and an assist, looking more like an AM. And Bright was shooting much more than he normally does. Lovely pass from him through to Leo for the assist too.

Not sure if Vinagre had a knock or not but it was a strange sub at HT. He had put a couple of poor crosses in but not done much else wrong I don't think. Douglas is better anyway and I think he's great so I wasn't too annoyed!
I think the commentator was actually right for once when he said that Hammill had been seeing too much of the ball and getting too many crosses in, and that Douglas would not allow him the same freedom. Good decision anyway as Douglas gives us a lot more going forward and is a bit more physical.
[FONT=&quot]Felt sorry for the Barnsley lot celebrating like they won the World Cup only then for Kim Jong to bomb away there euphoria. Havent celebrated like that in a long long while. Barnsley were nothing special but plugged away through the game gamely. The draw was the right result as we never got any decent foot hold, however this team is not just pretty but can grind and win games ugly as well. Great subs by Nuno who completely changed the game, Douglas for Vinagre, Douglas was a touch of class to Vinagre who was enthusiastically naive at times. Then Bright for Cav who tired and probably Alfred was a sub that shouldnt have been made if Saiss wasnt on a booking and looking reckless, Helder would have come on. Great result and the looks on the Tykes faces after the goal was priceless.[/FONT]
N'Diaye will always love youuuuu!

Last home game before I get married, didn't deserve the win but more than happy to take it!
Was a bit surprised at the Vinagre sub as Ithought he'd done ok but tbf as soon as Douglas came on we looked more effective, he was more physical and aggressive. First half was a bit disappointed, we seemed a bit flat and lacked intensity but second half we much better and deserved to win imo, Barnsley were much better than I expected
The Vinagre sub was definitely a late one..Douglas wasnt ready at all to come on.
And i did say (on the prematch thread) that Barnsley werent a bad team and fully expected them to pop balls into the box all day.
A better team would have had a few today...but fair play to our lot for digging in.
Haven't been today but when that equaliser notification came through on my phone my heart sank only to get the winner one come through a minute later and I couldn't quite believe it!

Another goal from a set piece but I don't think this is a stick from the man marking brigade as it's the 5th phase. The issue is Neves sleeping on the edge (again?) and a whole host of wolves players retreating to the line leaving two Barnsley players unmarked on the pen spot able to pick up the pieces.
While the performance today was a bit disjointed, at times we played some lovely stuff, surprised at the level of criticism, maybe I'm easily pleased but enjoyed seeing us play football and have a constructive plan, we created the better chances and just about deserved the win. What pleased me most was the defence, Barnsley had a lot of possession in good areas but I never felt we were in danger of conceding (until the the set piece problem) after the last couple of seasons where our defence has been a bomb scare and I felt we would concede from every attack, its a joy to see us so calm and organized
I thought we were really good today.

Apart from that annoying equaliser we never looked in danger at all, and then we went straight up the other end and corrected it
Was great after our second with the whole ground giving it 'who are ya' to the Barnsley fans.

Thought we were a bit off today, just looked a bit slow around. Thought bonatini was motm, apart from his miss in the 2nd half.
We weren't great today but we were still the better team and still created the better chances. Barnsley came with a plan and they executed it quite well and stopped us playing a lot of the time which is fair play to them. We upped it second half and while a draw would have probably been a fair result we did enough to win it which says a lot about us right now.

The subs made the difference and Nuno has to take credit for that as i doubt many would have been bringing on Alfred as the last sub when we need a goal but it worked. Looking forward to Wednesday still as we won't play this bad again and we still managed to win.

Ruddy - Couldn't do anything with the goal and did everything he was asked of well. He's a much better keeper than we have had for a few years and his distribution is very good, one pass to Jota was top class.

Batth - I thought he was pretty poor to be honest, let Bradshaw get the wrong side of him a couple of times and while i don't think the challenge in the first half was a penalty it could have been given. Distribution was back to being terrible with several missed placed passes and he put Coady in trouble with a poor pass.

Coady - What a revelation he's been this season. Excellent again for me reading the game well and stepping in several times, got booked when Batth played a poor pass and he tried to get himself out of trouble and Bradshaw nicked the ball away from him.

Miranda - I thought he was pretty solid and passed well but quite often the switch of play was on and for some reason he was reluctant to play it and played a few clips forward that weren't really coming off.

Doherty - Back to the old Doherty today that was on his heels and slow to react. Had acres of space and didn't make the most of it. Definitely should have cleared the equaliser too but decided to try and duck and head it when if he had just stood there it would have hit him.

Vinagre - A couple of decent moments like a back heel and the pull back to Cav but wasn't at his best and you could see he hasn't played many senior games. Douglas rightly replaced him at half time but he will only get better.

Saiss/Neves - Can put these together as i think it was the same for both of them. Lack of movement for them meant they couldn't do what they are best at while still having decent games. Either could have come off for Alfred when Saiss did.

Cav - I thought he looked our brightest player until he went off. Could and probably should have scored when Vinagre pulled back to him and had another couple of shots. Corner delivery was fantastic 3 or 4 times and we should have got something from them. Seem he and Bright are told to give it all for 60/65 mins before the other one comes on.

Jota - Wasn't at his best today but still managed a few mazy runs. Fired wide after one and found Bonatini with another who should have hit the target.

Bonatini - Strange game for him as we didn't really move when in possession and that means it kills his game as he had no one to link up with. When he did with Jota he should have done better but set up Alfred well for the winner with a neat run and cross.


Douglas - Gave us that little bit more quality down the left and was defensively better than Vinagre. Nearly scored early in the second half and one cross that got through to Doherty was superb. Think he's earned his place back for a few games.

Bright - Looks confident after his goal in the week and took his goal superbly well with a neat side foot volley back across the keeper. Nice through ball to Bonatini for the winner too and may have done enough to start on Wednesday.

N'Diaye - What a substitution this was. As soon as he came on he looked like he wanted to get forward and have an impact no the game. Neat feat and cross to setup Bright and stormed in to the box to get on the end of Bonatini's cross to score the winner. Like the other 2 subs could quite easily start at Sheff utd.

Also would like to say fair play to the fans that stuck by the team and weren't moaning and groaning when it wasn't going our way. It did start to creep in but many fans took it upon themselves to support the side for the whole 90 minutes. This place and others are where fans should air their frustrations especially when we are joint top and look like we are on for promotion.
I thought we were pretty poor to be honest and we robbed Barnsley who thoroughly deserved a point at least. Bright and Alf changed the game late on and while I was questioning Nuno's subs when he made them he was vindicated. A disappointing goal to let but it was good to see the team dig in and push a winner, this time last season we may well have folded.

I'll take the three points because playing like that and winning is a good sign. I was sitting with Stan behind the bloke who lleft early for the train, he made a big point of leaving on 70 minutes and letting everybody know that nothing changes and how clever he was at catching the train early. Unlucky mate, you fucked up both ways. Had to listen to so much shit in the Steve Bull it was unreal, I won't be sitting in there again any time soon if I can help it.
Out all afternoon so didn't get any of this - sounds like we got a little bit lucky, but ultimately the end of season stats will only show 3 points for us

Will take that happily
Thought Barnsley did well in strangling Saiss and Neves and for whatever reason when Neves did get the ball not much came off for him. It happens. It'd have been Neves i hooked for Alfie to be honest.

Cavaleiro was lively and had a good opportunity first half but Jota was fairly subdued but dangerous on the odd occasion one being where he fed Bonatini who finished poorly.

Think Batth, Coady and Miranda were steady, could Barnsley have had a penalty in the first? From the NB it looked like their striker had got behind a defender and was pushed.

Doherty works harder than weve seen to date but has little end product for me. I really like Vinagre but he's raw and think Douglas steadied our left and popped up at the other end with a good shot pushed away.

I've been really impressed with Alf everytime I've seen him. Hes making a strong case for Sheff Utd. Think he's going to prove really handy throughout the season.

All in all we weren't at our best but we've plenty of positives our back up midfielder came on and turned the game and our promising yet frustrating attacker scored one of the goals.

Ill take it.