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Wolves v Blackburn Matchday thread

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Parkins left foot

'Quirk's Gay Game Winner'
May 11, 2012
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May as well have a formal matchday thread

Ikeme, Iorfa, Batth, Hause, Doherty, Henry, Coady, Price, Saville, Le Fondre, Mason

Helan, Edwards, Sigurdarson, Martinez, Deslandes, Hunte, Enobakhare

Would like to see Hunte & Enobakhare given some time as well - ideal time to see what they can offer for next season
Apparantly there haven't been 3 consecutive 0-0 at home since 1899

Nailed on for today then!

Kick off with Wolves attacking the NB end
Mason ball out to Henry - decent delivery cannot quite be met by Saville at the back post
I hate the fact that Jackett still won't use Bright and Hunte much even though there is nothing to play for and we've been playing crap 0-0 football. They really couldn't do any worse so why not use them instead of the likes of ALF who isn't even our player?
Blackburn team

Steele, Marshall, Duffy, Hanley, Kilgallon, Jordi Gómez, Lowe, Lenihan, Grimes, Bennett, Graham
13 mins in - little happening

(& I assume that I am not here on my own - otherwise I might as well give a running commentary to the cat)
Coady wins the ball on the edge of the box & it opens up in front of him - shoots, but a Blackburn defender gets across to block - we'eve not managed to get in behind them so far

Graham off for Blackburn (hamstring?) - Brown on
I'm listening Parkin. Another home game missed for me today.
Saville header back in from a cross finds Mason - shot got off and possibility of a handball (not given)

Ball bouncing around and Saville given offside - little bit of excitment
FK - another good Henry delivery is just met first by a defender & out for a corner
First corner for Blackburn - met well, but Batth gets a head on it & over the bar for another corner
Blackburn getting back into to it a bit in the last few minutes - need to guard against set pieces & not give away stupid FKs (which we have) - they are a very big team & that seems to be their most likely method of scoring
Come on Wolves!
Another FK - Coady does well to get his body in the right place to block off the danger

We need to stop giving them these opportunities as they have not shown an ability to create problems from open play
Bolton officially relegated today ! anyone feel sorry ............................NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
This is shite again. And now I'm getting wet. Fucking Jez Moxley
Bolton officially relegated today ! anyone feel sorry ............................NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

They've still got 50 odd minutes to avoid it today, but then again they have been effectively relegated for weeks - am I sorry, agree with your pronouncement
We either need a whole new team as they aren't good enough or the manager isn't get half of what he should be out of them.
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