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Wolves v Newport league Cup verdict thread (at last a win in this competition)

Parkins left foot

'Quirk's Gay Game Winner'
May 11, 2012
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Off you go then

A win - though not as easily as we should have been able to achieve
We're going to Wembley!
Won, through and no injuries. Hopefully we will never see Doherty play right midfield ever again
Can someone (who has the power) amend this thread title to get the spelling correct - whenever I start one off this is the only bit I get wrong & the only bit I can't change
Loads of Championship teams out this round - Blackburn, Brentford, Huddersfield, Bristol City, Forest, Burnley so far, and Bolton have just gone behind to Burton while there are a few other games still in extra time as well. Clearly, not a lot of players in this league taking the cup seriously, but it does mean our chances of getting another minnow in the next round (and actually getting to the point where things get interesting) have gone up.
it does seem to me that players and teams underperform a LOT with this competition, and not just because of playing the reserve team like Brentford did...not the best mentality!

Still, it's nice to get through this stage for once!
Newport fans causing trouble at the top of the hill near ring road. Bunch of wankers pushing passed Wolves fans giving the big I am. I got pushed by a couple before police slapped them. Fucking embarrassing
Isn't it the next round that usually fucks us in this cup? I think it's the FA Cup we always go out immediately.
The players drop off their intensity, meaning they don't play at their absolute best levels, so you do see quite a few 'shocks', if we can even call that anymore!
Hull leading, but in extra time & a lot of their first team involved - so possibly beneficial for Sunday
And now Hull 1-2...chuba akpom will be a nice addition to them this season..almost thought he would stay at arsenal this season
Penalties at Accrington and SSNews are showing them...
Hull miss one
Does it go to penalties in the first game? - if so Hull to lose 5 - 4 on penalties to depress them before Sunday's match then please
They are 3-2 up but Mayler has just missed
3-3, sudden death
Hull win 4-3 on pens