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Birmingham City v Wolves: The Verdict Thread


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Oct 16, 2009
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Great result and performance. Off you go...
Absolutely superb could have been 5 or 6. We were awesome 2nd half
Happy Days. Absolutely love beating the blue noses. Tin pot club and tin pot fans.

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Real (cliche) game of two halves. First half we were lethargic and deserved to be behind.

Second half we came out with a different attitude and fully deserved the three points.

Huge fan of Bodvarsson, the guy is quality up front on his own, topped off a great performance with a great goal.

Batth also had a really good game, especially in the first half where Hause looked dreadful.
10 out of starting 11 I thought oh fuck what a difference one man makes - no hold on two Bod and Zenga
I missed the first half but very impressed with the way we moved the ball around in the second. Miles better than under Jackett and players who move and interlink in their half. Chuffed for Bod scoring again as he looks the business. Prince went a bit quiet after nearly taking Zenga's head off with his first pass in a Wolves shirt.

3rd in the table. Tex rested. Done the Bluenoses over on their own manor. Happy days.

They're not happy over on SHA:


19 shots at goal with 7 on target. The change in attitude at the club under Zenga is huge! Bod is great.Masons goal was good but so were Batth and Doherty. Great 3 points and we sit 3 rd
2nd half we looked really good. Mason, Wallace and Bod up top caused them all sorts of problems. Mason seems to miss a lot but gets in good positions and his goal was pure quality. Can't really say much about Prince had a few sloppy touches his first was a long ball to Zenga lol. Delighted with the result. MOTM Bod for me such a handful.

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Thought Ikeme had a solid game, the back four started shaky but ended fantastic - Iorfa's second half performance was stupendous - and of the midfield three at the start, Price had by far the best game, followed by Evans (who was, admittedly, clumsy at times, though). Wallace man of the match for me; Bodvarsson was good and Mason's second half was much improved, including that cracking goal, but Wallace was just consistently skillful and passionate throughout. Shame he couldn't get a goal.

Edwards was anonymous as per usual, and I thought taking Price off and bringing Prince on threw us off and resulted in that seven or eight minutes of pressure or so in the middle of the second half - especially odd as Price was having such a good game. Prince had some neat technique, too, even if that weird pass to Zenga threw me at first for how clumsy it was.

If we play that well the rest of the season we should be good enough for a playoff place, but then not every team will be that willing to cede possession, and let us break so easily (same as Reading, actually).
I missed most of the first half but we were absolutely superb in the second and thoroughly deserved the win, and the margin could and should been bigger. It's amazing what Zenga is getting out of virtually the same players Kenny had last season, it looks a totally different team. Zenga's reaction to the third goal spoke volumes.

Jed Wallace was quality on the left hand side, tracked back and didn't give the Blouse's right side any time or joy, made some great attacking runs and should have had a goal or two. My only small criticism was that he needed to play the final pass on a couple of occasions instead of shooting but that'll come with time, and that may seem unfair given he did have a great game but like I say, it is only a small criticism. Another fantastic finish from Bod points towards the fact we have a complete steal on our hands here as he really does look the real deal.

Top stuff all in all and it's great to stuff them at their place.
i thought we looked good both first and second half, shouldnt have been 1-0 down at HT. Bod is a unit, Mason created a lot as usual. Wallace looked sharp too, and Price with Doherty had a decent games.
Great result, although I didn't see the game and good solid start to the season. One word of caution we got 10 points from the corresponding fixtures last year. Clearly each season is different but goes to show the relatively soft start we've had.
3-1 going on about 7.

Not only a Wolves win but a Blues meltdown. They are not fucking happy. :icon_lol:

Thought that although we had the best of the chances first half we looked a little rusty and always shaky at the back. The second half was different class though (apart from a period after the Batth's goal where we conceded possession far too easily). What a difference Walter Zenga has made. I fucking love that man.
What a superb result, and weren't 10 of the starting 11 at Molineux last season. Maybe they are better players than we thought.
One of the best second half displays I can remember. It's very encouraging how this team responds to going behind, they almost look comfortable having something to chase.

Ikeme - Not an overly busy game but did what he had to do fairly well. Maybe could have got closer to their goal but that's nit-picking.

Iorfa - Quite poor really. A couple of shaky moments at the start and he didn't really recover culminating in him being caught out of position when the ball came to Adams for their goal. I'm sure he'll be fine though and it was nice to see him surge forward with confidence towards the end.

Batth - Delighted for him to get the goal in front of the Wolves fans. He never hides from a challenge even if he isn't technically the best. I do wish he wouldn't pump it forward so much but that's what he's most comfortable with.

- Had his shaky moments like Iorfa but he seems to have quite a cool head on him. Reacted commendably to that little scruff's headbutt. Getting bigger by the game, what are they feeding him?!

- I was firmly in the anti-Doc camp, and I still think we need a left-back, but he impressed me today. He's certainly improved a lot with the ball at his feet and was involved heavily in some of our most dangerous moves. Not awful defensively either.

Price - Neat and tidy as always (it's almost become a cliche). Just a typical Price display.

Evans - I liked the look of him. A nice range of passing and it was a shame he had to come off as he didn't look injured.

Coady - I feel pretty churlish saying it after such a great win but he was pretty awful in the first half. He improved as the game went on but his clumsiness worries me.

Mason - Again, a woeful first-half, couldn't put a foot right, but was a completely different player in the second half. An exquistely taken goal and some clever attacking play. Not sure what to make of him at the moment.

Wallace - My joint MOM. A thorn in the side of Birmingham all game and at the centre of most of our attacking moves. His loan move seems to have wisened him up a little and now he's always looking for a through-ball or a shot. He's going to be a key player for us.

Bod - Couldn't choose between him and Jed for the MOM. He must be a right pain in the arse to play against, winning headers that he has no right to get to and constantly harrying the defence when they have the ball. He's a wonderful hold-up man too, with lots of strength and great control. And that's not to mention his finishing; that's two brilliantly-taken goals he's got now. A class act.


Edwards - Yep, he's still here and still looking slightly uncomfortable whenever he gets the ball. On the right side of a three in midfield which again didn't suit him. Not terrible though.

Prince - An abysmal first pass and he didn't really get into the game. Completely unfair to read too much into a debut though of course.

Saville - Only on for a minute or two to help close the game down.

Zenga - Well, I'm waiting to see what the catch is. He seems to be switched on with team selection and tactics and to be a good motivator judging by our bouncebackability. I just hope the honeymoon period continues until May.
Many good performances - Iorfa, Coady, Price and Wallace in particular. Mason was shocking in the first half but what a goal.

But the highlight of the game has to be Prince almost taking out Zenga with his first pass. Touch of nerves, but he steadied up after that, and he'll be glad to have it under his belt.

Birmingham were awful.
We weren't bad first half, but we just couldn't finish, second half we could, that was the difference. I've developed a serious man crush on Bod, he's fantastic.

Zenga has said he'll continue to rotate to keep the squad at 100%.