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Ex-Wolf Watch

Aren't we all?
We were in the midst of a takeover until the very end of July 2016, we didn't have any money until then, certainly not £10m.

Lonergan was our only first team signing until that all got completed.
A pub down the road from me have an interesting evening ahead, shall I go and ask some questions on behalf of this forum? 👀
Ask him about being Wolves manger.

Actually it's in a church so no wonder.
£20 and a pasty, they’d better be an excellent pasty for that money
For free ? Was his contract up ?
I thought we had him until 2025 but either it was an option we/he didn't activate or we let him go a year early. No fee anyway.

Hard to say for sure as while we officially released him and Louie Moulden (and three Academy players) on Wednesday, we haven't bothered saying anything on our website at all.
robbie keane resigns as manager of maccabi tel aviv.
Did alright over there , but it's hard to say given the standard over there and the widespread disruption that the events since Oct 7th have caused .

I never had him down as a potential Manager , but he seems determinded to try .