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Peter Knowles v Huddersfield

May 1, 2011
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Just wondered if any of the wiser gents were at this game as just heard this gem of a story:

Comes from a story a mate's father.

Peter Knowles (who I was aware of despite him pre dating me) was one of the best players my mates dad saw, when he played for Wolves against Huddersfield he apparently completely ran the game. However, one of the reasons he remembers him other than for his performance, was because he scored the winner with a couple of minutes to go, then ran into the net and got the ball and kicked it over the stand! then they couldn't find another ball for ages and had to send people out to look for the original!

Anyone at that? No idea what sort of time period but Knowles was playing during the 60s.
I remember the Portsmouth game, but I cannot recall the incident at Huddersfield. What i do know is that Knocker was a very good player, and it was a big loss when he retired from football.
I always understood that Peter Knowles kicked the ball out of Fratton Park, and, as has been said, Portsmouth sent him the bill for buying a new ball.

He may have done something similar against Huddersfield I guess.

Wasn't there a game where he sat on the ball for while in the centre circle?

I must have been at the League Cup replay at Molineux where Peter and Cyril Knowles were in opposition, as I clearly remember, down at the North Bank end, whilst waiting for a Wolves corner to come in, Cyril (who was one of the Spurs full backs) slapped Peter across the face.

According to the picture of the programme, this was back in 1969, when I would have been a 20 year old student. Just where did all those years go?
Cheers for the responses, never thought about looking for old clips on youtube. I've just watched a bit of that game, going to watch the rest of it tomorrow.
my first distance away league game was huddersfield in the mid 60s. may have been the game you refer to but can't remember.
as i had little money i decided to hitch. seemed a terrific distance and not being sure about getting a lift i started off in plenty of time - 9pm friday !
had no problem with lifts so got to huddersfield about 2 in the morning !
had to walk the streets for hours and by the time of the match i was exhausted.
I have checked in my little book and in the 1966/67 season we beat Huddersfield Town 1 - 0 both home and away. Wharton scored the winner at Huddersfield, and Knowles scored the winner at Molineux. Is that the season being referred to?