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The No Midfield Years

Which midfield would you rather have?

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Deutsch Wolf

aka Dawn
Oct 16, 2009
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As alluded to in the Blues verdict thread we seem to have gone back 20 years and ended up with the same old uninspiring nothingness in midfield. Of course 20 years ago we had way better players in goal, at the back and up front to compensate for that massive void.

So, choose your weapons, you may only pick one...

I'm just about going for the 90s on the basis that Osborn was probably better than any of the current day options - where I'm not including Saiss or Oniangue because we don't use them. So yeah, in the grand scheme of things I'd accept an option where Darren Ferguson was included. Think about that.
So is Costa this decades Steve Froggatt ?
Bloody hell, talk about low bar choices. 90's for me as emblen and Robinson had some good moments.

Scary how much shit we've spent decent money on.
So is Costa this decades Steve Froggatt ?

Would be fair. Stood out wide forever waiting for one of the useless chumps in the middle to actually pass it to him. I don't think we'll ever see him retrained as a LB though (although considering the incumbent, he probably wouldn't be a downgrade)
I'm refusing, as picking either would open up a whole world of ridicule.
90s for me as osborn, Marsden (briefly) and even Emblem were better than any of today's slow shite.
I'm sorry but I can't vote for an option which includes Steve Corica.
But but that goal at St Andrews........
90s, Osborn was a better player than any of our current crop by a mile.
Its like an option to drink piss or chew poo! Both are unpalatable but I go for the first option as it was at least a midfield not a gap
Fucking hell, its like choosing between being hit in the mouth with a sledgehammer or being on the receiving end of bumrape by Rocco Sifreddi.
Gone with the 90's purely down to my sketchy memory of Osborn being my favourite player around that time (Bull & Keane apart)
Fucking hell, its like choosing between being hit in the mouth with a sledgehammer or being on the receiving end of bumrape by Rocco Sifreddi.

I had to Google who that was ?? Your knowledge of male porn stars both intrigues and scares me :)
I think it's worth noting just how much that 90s midfield cost - which at the time was big money, especially for a 2nd tier side.

I know some of our current rabble cost unfathomably large sums for their subsequent output but surely the 90s equivalent were more expensive wasters?

The 90s side also had a better defence behind them and better strikers in front of them.
The 90's option had two PL winners - yes they were lucky but there's no way any of out current lot will play in the PL again, let alone in a title winning team. Atkins was disappointing but could play the current Price role far better, Emblem over Edwards every time, Osborn and Robinson over Saville and Evans every time. Coady and Corica ae both decidedly below average which leaves Fatty Ferguson on his own as a 90's free offer. Neither collection of players is inspiring but the 90's group is far better than the current crop.