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Birmingham City v Wolves: The Matchday Thread

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May 23, 2011
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First derby of the season for Zenga away at the Blouses, not an easy game by any stretch of the imagination but one we could snatch maximum points from if we're on our game. Will be good to see Oniangue's debut and what it will do to strengthen our midfield, hopefully his performance matches his YouTube clips!
Where do people go for a drink before hand? Never know the best route to take. Shite ground to get to.

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I have a good feeling about this game, if Prince can add some quality to our midfield I can see it really helping Teixeira to influence the game too.

2-1 Wolves, Evans and the Bod
2-1 to us, Bod and a Prince debut goal. Hopefully Prince can help us become a threat at set pieces with his height and willingness to attack the ball.
4-0 Wolves.

Bod penalty conceded by Paul Robinson off the back of a hat-trick of own goals, the twat.
The stuff dreams are made of.
Out this PM so won't get to follow this

Looking forward to see what impetus Prince will give to our midfield as a better mix there will give our forwards opportunities to shine.

Derby games usually close so going for a 2 - 1 win
Hopefully today marks the end of Edwards as a first choice player with Prince coming in.

Fairly confident too, we have enough attacking options to worry any side and with Prince hopefully giving the midfield some real impetus we can start going from strength to strength as an attacking unit.

I still worry about the defence but hopefully the threat we offer will leave Blues wary of throwing players forward.
Blues don't throw players forward. They sit in, play three DMs, chuck it forward at Donaldson and play around him largely on the break.

I said Zenga would see through Edwards quickly and as he becomes less reliant on the existing coaching staff's opinions I still think that will be the case. If we'd taken him off at HT on Tuesday and not replaced him we'd have been no worse off.
I guess Tex is tired. Team a little uninspiring but I presume all sins will be used.

Glad Price is in rather than Edwards.

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Very defensive midfield. Can see us trying to sit deep and counter with that lineup, let Birmingham come to us. Then later switch Saville and Teixiera on and get at them when they're tired.
Hmm, were so excited this was on tv, wanted to see more of the new boys, aah well
No defenders or forwards on the bench at all, that's got to be a first. Tex, Costa and Prince should all be in in place of Evans, Wallace and Coady.
Jack Price simply has to be at his best today. He's waited a few games for his chance and now it's here he simply cannot put a foot wrong with the volume of midfielders we have and a new signing in the wings. I've every faith in him and I think we will hopefully move the ball quicker and let the forward three ask some questions.
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