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Bristol City (H) build up


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Jan 14, 2010
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Iorfa Batth Stearman Hause

Price Saiss

Costa Enobakhare Cavaleiro


SUNS: Burgoyne, Doherty, Coady, Edwards, Ronan, Bodvarsson, Teixeira​

Iorfa has had a rest so can hopefully get back to his best now, Hause in for Doherty as he'll give Ivan more freedom to stay forward, keep the two centre halves together, they're fine when they've got the extra protection this formation gives them. Price & Saiss is definitely the way to go in central midfield, in front of them it's a tough call on who to leave out between Bright & Eddo after they both had decent games in that position vs Forest. Dicko to start again, Big Jon needs a lengthy spell resting IMO. With the Tippeligaen running March - November, Iceland's heroic's at Euro 2016 and constant call ups during international breaks, Bodvarsson has been playing football constantly for 2 years straight.
Wouldn't disagree with that team but Lambo plays it by numbers, he won't change the defence after a clean sheet (even if it was against a team with Apostolos Vellios as the spearhead). Also with Saiss going away soon he'll persevere with Dave alongside teacher's pet Jacko.

If he messes around and sticks Edwards at #10 then I will not be pleased, Bright needs a run and Dave can't play there any more (if he ever could).

Missing this one sadly, no chance of getting back with the 0 trains on Boxing Day to choose from.
Bod was in Germany for a year prior to the Euros.

Otherwise, I agree entirely.
i can't see Edwards or Doherty not playing tbh
Bod was in Germany for a year prior to the Euros.

Otherwise, I agree entirely.

And played a full season for Viking prior to joining Kaiserslautern halfway through their season.
I'd be tempted to play the same starting 11 as Forest away.

We played well, albeit against a dreadful team, but we need some consistency and continuity in our team selection and keeping a winning side seams reasonable to me.
'Never change a winning side' is a fallacy as I don't care if we beat a terrible 10 man QPR team with Ian Holloway doing a Sunday League manager impression on the sidelines, I still don't want to see a three man midfield containing both Conor Coady and Dave Edwards.

I don't think he will change it, but equally I don't think anyone is really happy with those full backs.
By the way, Bristol City haven't won here since 1931. We need to make sure that we do our bit to help push it over 100 years.
Not changing a winning side is a fallacy but having a consistent team is not. We've tinkered around with the first 11 for a while and Saturday was the first time we put out a team that allowed our front 4 to actually play.

I'm never happy watching Coady play, he's mince, but Iorfa has been shocking this season therefore I'd keep Coady in, he was at least positionally sound (despite being skinned easily several times).
I'd play the same team. Much as Coady and Doherty shouldn't be medium term options at full back I trust them both more than Iorfa and Hause at the moment.
Coady is the one I'd replace from last time, but Lambert probably won't.
By the way, Bristol City haven't won here since 1931. We need to make sure that we do our bit to help push it over 100 years.

Scott Golbourne nailed on to score against us to end that run...
He's a miles better RB than he is a CM. I can't abide him in midfield, I struggle to understand how someone that shit got through a supposedly decent Academy.

I'd 100% play Hause at LB instead of Doherty but I doubt we'll go down that road.
I don't mind Hause at LB as you know.

Though I do feel that whilst you're right about not necessarily playing a winning team regardless, I do think you should keep playing players who are in form. Doherty is currently showing a bit of form and contributing to wins so he stays in for me. Same as Dangerous Dave.

Coady is still less of a RB than a CM for me. Any half decent winger will roast him regularly. His role should be coming off the bench to add a bit of bite and solidity when we need it. He looked alright on the right at the end of the Fulham game for instance.
fuck, dont understand more than a few words from Lambert..is the clip translated to english somewhere?
Yeah, that would be nice, mix it up throw some darts on the team pic and there you go..
I wonder if Edwards could play at RB?